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Best Pizza Spots in Yogyakarta

Best Pizza Spots in Yogyakarta

This is a culinary haven for pizza lovers in Yogyakarta—your gateway to the finest pizza experiences in the city. Get ready for a pizza extravaganza that goes beyond the ordinary, where the cheesy goodness and tantalizing toppings will redefine your pizza expectations.

Best Pizza Spots in Yogyakarta / Tempat Pizza Terbaik di Yogyakarta

1.Giorno's Pizzeria

giornos pizzeria
photo by instagram

Giorno's Pizzeria is a charming slice of Europe nestled within its exterior. The establishment exudes the ambiance of a European home, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for patrons. As night falls, the vibes transform into an ideal setting for a romantic dinner, making it a perfect spot for couples seeking an intimate dining experience.

Giorno's Pizzeria
Ambarukmo 377A, Yogyakarta
P: 0895-3254-45802

2. Zizi Pizzeria & Coffee

zizi pizzeria
photo by instagram @zizipizzeria.idn

Zizi Pizzeria & Coffee stands out for its exquisite aesthetics, offering a visually pleasing experience from the moment you step inside. The soft color palette creates a calming and inviting atmosphere, providing the perfect backdrop for a delightful dining experience. Beyond its reputation as a pizzeria, Zizi doubles as a charming cafe, blending the worlds of comforting coffee and delectable pizzas. 

Zizi Pizzeria & Coffee
Jl. Langensari No.23 B, Yogyakarta
P: 0821-4121-1821

3. Sekar Pizza

sekar pizza
photo by instagram @sekarpizza

Sekar Pizza takes you back in time with its retro vibes, like a blast from the past. The cozy interior feels nostalgic, giving you a sense of an earlier period. Their smoked beef is a top pick, adding a delicious twist to the classic flavors. Eating at Sekar Pizza is a bit like getting a taste of a mini New York, where every bite feels like a journey through both time and flavor. 

Sekar Pizza 
Jl. Pandega Karya No.290, Yogyakarta
P: (0274) 5016683

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4. Francis Pizza (Strictly for reservations only, opens Saturday and Sunday)

photo by instagram @mosyakur

A weekend outing would be perfect for a visit to Francis Pizza. They are only open on the weekends, and it's advisable to make a reservation a day in advance. The place is often crowded with customers, thanks to the delightful taste of their pizza—featuring a thin, chewy crust, abundant toppings, and an undoubtedly authentic flavor. One of the must-try options is the Bresaola Pizza!

Francis Pizza
Jl. Banjarsari No.14, Yogyakarta
P: 0877-1656-0310

5. Tunqu Nangkring

tunqu nagkring

Tunqu Nangkring is a unique pizza concept that skillfully blends the authentic flavors of Italy with the inviting ambiance of a traditional food stall. The menu features a diverse selection of pizzas, each crafted with care and expertise. To enhance the dining experience, Tunqu Nangkring generously offers complimentary refills of iced tea, adding a refreshing touch to your pizza indulgence.

Tunqu Nangkring
Jl. P. Mangkubumi, Yogyakarta
P: 0816-303-175

6. Nanamia Pizzeria

photo by instagram @_laureats

Nanamia Pizzeria isn't just about serving delicious pizzas; it's a fantastic destination for those seeking a great hangout spot or a peaceful moment of self-indulgence. Boasting a diverse menu beyond their exceptional pizzas, Nanamia caters to a range of culinary preferences. Whether you're a pizza enthusiast or looking for a broader culinary adventure, Nanamia has something to satisfy every palate.

Nanamia Pizzeria
Tirtodipuran St No.1, Yogyakarta
P: 0812-6694-3697

7. Pizza Up

pizza up
photo by instagram @jogjamakanterus

Pizza Up offers the largest pizza in town, boasting an impressive diameter of 50 cm. Freshly prepared with every order, the taste is undeniably superb! While the highlight is undoubtedly the colossal whole pizza, Pizza Up also provides the option to order individual slices. 

Pizza Up 
Jl. Seturan Raya No.412, Yogyakarta