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Best Coffee Shops in Yogyakarta

Best Coffee Shops in Yogyakarta

A good coffee to start the day, or simply wanting to savor the moment while sipping on quality coffee, choose from this curated list of the best coffee shops in Yogyakarta that are worth your visit. From cozy spaces with unique atmospheres to establishments offering a wide range of specialty brews, each spot on this list promises a delightful coffee experience. Explore the rich coffee culture of Jogja and indulge in the perfect cup to suit your taste.

Best Coffee Shops in Yogyakarta / Coffee Shop Terbaik di Yogyakarta

1.Ayom Jogja

ayom jogja

If you are seeking a place with fresh air to hang out, head to Ayom Jogja. Nestled amidst paddy fields, this one-of-a-kind cafe provides a wonderful setting in a spacious area with a wooden interior. Due to its ample space, you can also reserve the venue for your special events. Open every day to serve, Ayom Jogja ensures a delightful experience. 

Ayom Jogja
Sukunan, Yogyakarta
P:  0811-2959-097

2. Santai Club House

santai clubhouse
photo by @elfqinkopi

Santai Club House is a trendy hangout spot with a classic vintage concept and an added touch of unfinished elements that enhance every corner. Complemented by plenty of natural vegetation, the place is made even more comfortable. It is open every day, offering a special bundle of hot coffee and pastries every morning to kickstart your day.

Santai Club House
Jl. R.W. Monginsidi No.19, Yogyakarta
P:  0823-8507-1472

3. Fill in Blue

fill n blue
photo by instagram

With its vintage house concept, Fill in Blue is a slow bar coffee shop situated in the heart of the city. Though somewhat tucked away, it is undoubtedly an absolute gem. The establishment serves coffee, tea, and mocktails, with a standout item being the Lychee Tea Mocktail that is offered in two variations—fresh and creamy.

Fill in Blue
Jl. Brigjen Katamso, Yogyakarta
P:  0851-6129-0609

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4. The Brewing Room

the brewing room
photo by instagram @ahmadjokosetyawan

A unique coffee shop adorned with a modern, futuristic interior, The Brewing Room is the ultimate hangout destination. With its cool decorations, including vinyl records displayed in the corner and a player that you can use directly, this listening bar offers a distinctive atmosphere. The place is also aesthetically pleasing, making it the perfect spot to capture your OOTD in photos!

The Brewing Room
Jl. Pandean Sari III No.10, Yogyakarta
P:  0811-8778-877

5. Jinji Backyard

photo by instagram @mas_fotokopi

As the name implies, Jinji Backyard offers a cozy place to hang out in a backyard setting. Although not very large, it boasts a strong concept that renders it cool and aesthetically pleasing. This relatively new coffee shop has already gained popularity for its inviting ambiance and unique atmosphere.

Jinji Backyard
Jl. Pandega Sakti No.3, Yogyakarta
P: 0851-1337-4888

6. Nest Coffee & Donuts

photo by instagram @nestcoffeendonuts

Nest Coffee & Donuts is another highly recommended coffee shop to hang out or simply satisfy your caffeine cravings. Serving excellent coffee along with delicious donuts, the space is adorned with wooden interiors and complemented by plants, creating a homey and warm ambiance. Additionally, there is a souvenir store here, allowing you to take a piece of the cozy atmosphere with you.

Nest Coffee & Donuts
Jl. Ringroad Selatan, Yogyakarta
P: 0813-9164-9697

7. Bonbale


A hidden gem, Bonbale is a slow bar coffee shop with a small area, creating a more intimate vibe. The quiet surroundings make this place an ideal escape from the bustling city. Surrounded by a farm plantation and lush greenery, it offers a serene atmosphere, complemented by good coffee at an affordable price.

Jl. Balerante, Yogyakarta