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Escape to Bali's Serenity: Best 9 Nature Spots to Visit With Family

Escape to Bali's Serenity: Best 9 Nature Spots to Visit With Family

The world chooses Bali as an international holiday destination for a fine reason. Not only enchanting culture, the island is also known for its stunning natural beauty, with plenty of spots to enjoy the outdoors and immerse yourself during your blissful getaway. Here we curated some of the best nature spots to visit to enjoy your family holiday occasion.

Escape to Bali's Serenity: Best 9 Nature Spots to Visit With Family

Bukit Asah BugBug


Bukit Asah Bugbug
Photo Credit by Twitter @CP_Indo


A hill located on the Eastern coast of Bali, Bukit Asah Bugbug is a popular destination for those who are looking for breathtaking views of the blue Ocean and its dramatic surrounding landscape. The hill is surrounded by rolling hills, rice paddies, and coconut trees, providing a stunning contrast to the deep blue ocean that stretches out into the horizon. Visitors can take a leisurely walk around the hilltop and explore the surrounding area, taking in the stunning scenery at every turn. Come during sunrise or sunset to capture the picturesque views of the sun setting or rising above the Ocean. Bukit Asah Bugbug is also a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts. The nearby beach offers opportunities for surfing, snorkeling, and diving, allowing visitors to explore the rich marine life of the region.

Desa Pinggan’s Paradise View


Desa Pinggan, Kintamani
Photo Credit by Twitter @catatantravel


Perched on a lush hillside, Desa Pinggan is one of the most magnificent tourism destinations in Kintamani. The traditional Balinese village is well-preserved and offers stunning vantage views of surrounding rice terraces and lush greenery. One of the main attractions of Desa Pinggan is its stunning rice terraces. Visitors can take a leisurely walk through the terraced fields, surrounded by the picturesque scenery of the hills and mountains. The village is also home to several local restaurants and cafes that serve traditional Balinese cuisine, allowing visitors to sample the delicious flavors of the region. In addition to its natural and cultural beauty, Desa Pinggan is known for its warm and welcoming community. Expect to interact with the locals during your visit and learn about their unique customs and way of life. 

Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang


Beji Guwang Hidden Canyon
Photo Credit by Twitter @denisedevine5


Situated near the sacred Pura (Hindu Temple) of Beji Guwang, Sukawati, lies an incredible canyon that is worth visitting. The canyon is a popular destination for adventurous travelers and nature lovers, who come to explore its stunning beauty and experience the thrill of walking and wading through the crystal clear waters. To explore the canyon, visitors must walk down a series of steps and navigate their way through the narrow passageways. The canyon is also home to a sacred spring that is believed to have healing properties. Locals and visitors alike come to this spot to bathe and pray.


Melasti Beach High Cliff


Melasti Beach
Photo Credit by Twitter @hotelsdibali


Located on the Southern coast of Bali, Melasti Beach is known for its natural beauty and cultural significance. Here, visitors can find a unique natural cliff landmark. The towering cliff rises over 100 meters above the Indian Ocean, providing stunning views of the ocean and surrounding coastline. To reach the Cliff of Melasti Beach, visitors must walk along a steep and rocky path that winds its way up the cliff. The path can be challenging, but the effort is well worth it for the breathtaking views from the top! The view is particularly stunning during sunrise or sunset, when the sky is painted with vibrant hues of orange, pink, and purple.

Monkey Forest Ubud


Monkey Forest Ubud
Photo Credit by Twitter @JeannyTSY


An über-popular tourist destination located in the heart of Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, Monkey Forest is a nature reserve and ancient temple complex that is home to hundreds of long-tailed macaques monkeys as well as a diverse range of flora and fauna. The beauty of the Ubud Monkey Forest lies in its unique blend of natural beauty and cultural significance. The forest is situated on a steep ravine and is surrounded by lush greenery, providing a stunning backdrop for visitors to explore. Beside the playful macaques, the forest is also home to several ancient temples, including the Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal, which dates back to the 14th century. Take a leisurely walk through the forest during your visit, interact with the playful monkeys (take the famous 'monkey selfie' with them!) and admire the unique architecture and intricate carvings of Balinese wondrous temples and statues.

Sekumpul Waterfalls


Sekumpul Waterfall
Photo Credit by Twitter @EDTUBE1


Considered as one of the most stunning natural attractions in Bali, Sekumpul Waterfall is known for its impressive height, powerful flow, and picturesque surroundings. Surrounded by lush green vegetation, including dense forests, rice paddies and coconut plantations, the waterfall of Sekumpul cascades down a steep cliff face, creating a misty and majestic atmosphere. You can reach Sekumpul Waterfall after trekking through the surrounding jungle, passing by several smaller waterfalls along the way. Once reaching the waterfall, you are allowed to take a refreshing swim in the natural pool at the base of the falls or simply sit back and admire the stunning scenery. 

Subaya Hill


Subaya (Mende) Hill, Kintamani
Photo Credit by Twitter @SuryaPutuBali


Kintamani is one of the latest sought-out tourism areas in Bali. The highland region is known for its bright weather, cool air, and the magnificent view of Mount Batur. One of Kintamani's 'secret' natural attractions is Subaya Hill.  It is a popular destination for locals looking for stunning views of Mount Batur, the caldera, and Lake Batur. To reach the top of Subaya Hill, visitors must climb a steep path that takes about 20-30 minutes. Once at the top, visitors are rewarded with panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, including the impressive Mount Batur and Lake Batur. If you are an avid photographer looking to capture breathtaking sunrise or sunset views, or just simply want to get soaked in the ultimate serenity, Subaya Hill is a definite place to visit on your next Bali's bucket list.

Tegalalang Rice Terraces


Tegalalang Rice Terrace
Photo Credit by Twitter @swenomad


A world-famous rice terrace located Ubud, Tegalalang Rice Terrace is known for its stunning and expansive rice paddies. The beauty of Tegalalang Rice Terrace lies in its striking and intricate landscape. The rice paddies are carved into steep hillsides, creating a stunning terraced effect that is both beautiful and functional. The paddies are irrigated by a traditional Balinese water system, which adds to the scenic charm of the area. Explore the Tegalalang Rice Terrace by taking a leisurely walk through the paddies, or by renting a bike or scooter and traveling along the winding roads that connect the terraces. You may also relax at one of the many cafes and restaurants located in the area, which offer stunning views of the paddies while enjoying a delicious meal or a cup of coffee.

Tegal Wangi Beach Natural ‘Jacuzzi’


Tegal Wangi Beach
Photo Credit by Twitter @jovi_travel


Another underrated seaside destination on Southern Bali, the Tegal Wangi Beach is known for its 'natural jacuzzi'. It is formed by the ocean waves crashing onto the rocks and creating a shallow pool that is filled with clear, turquoise water. The pool is located at the bottom of a cliff, and visitors must climb down a steep and rocky path to reach it. Once at the pool, you can sit and relax in the cool, bubbly water while enjoying the stunning views of the ocean and the surrounding cliffs. What makes the Natural Jacuzzi of Tegal Wangi Beach unique is its location. The pool is situated in a secluded cove surrounded by high cliffs, providing visitors with a sense of privacy and exclusivity. The area is also known for its stunning sunsets, which can be enjoyed while soaking in the nature-formed pool.