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Bali's Best Eco-Friendly Activities: A Sustainable Holiday

Bali's Best Eco-Friendly Activities: A Sustainable Holiday

As global awareness of environmental issues rises, so does the demand for sustainable and eco-friendly experiences. Here we listed some of the environmental-friendly activities that you, along with your family, can do on your Bali holiday. Immerse yourself in the island while leaving a positive impact on the environment with these enriching and eco-conscious activities.

Bali's Best Eco-Friendly Activities: A Sustainable Holiday

Beach Clean Up

Beach Cleaning

Contribute to the preservation of Bali's pristine beaches by joining a regular beach clean-up organized by local initiatives. Make a positive impact on the environment, meet like-minded individuals, and cap off your efforts with a refreshing break. A day well spent, fostering camaraderie and leaving behind a cleaner, healthier coastline.

'Canang Sari' Making

Canang Sari Making

If you’re ever witness a traditional Balinese ceremony, you’ll notice an abundance of vibrant colors on the offerings, and they absolutely love flowers! An important part of their celebrations, these Gebogan or Canang Saris are made fully from local aromatic plants, emanating fragrant smell and visual treat during the ceremony. There are so many different ways of designing Balinese flower offerings, but the base method is very clear. This is an incredible way to get a peek into the local Balinese traditions, plus you can take these skills back home and use them at your next party!

Coral Rehabilitation

Coral Planting

Contribute to the restoration of Bali's marine ecosystems by participating in coral rehabilitation. Work alongside local organizations to build structures that will serve as the foundation for new coral growth. This educational and impactful experience allows you to witness firsthand the positive change you bring to Bali's underwater kingdom, all while snorkeling in its vibrant waters.

Farmer’s Experience

Farmer Experience

Step into the shoes of a Balinese farmer for a day, wandering through local farms, donning a bamboo hat, and harvesting your own ingredients. This hands-on experience allows you to appreciate the labor behind each grain of rice, fostering a deeper connection with the food on your plate. To cap off the day, cook a delightful meal using the freshly harvested produce and share stories with newfound friends.

Gardening Workshop


Escape the hustle and bustle by immersing yourself in a gardening workshop focused on pesticide-free cultivation. Learn the art of sustainable gardening, promoting a healthier approach to cultivating your own produce. Extend the experience by exploring sustainable living practices.

Herbal Soap Making

Soap Making

Indulge your senses in the scents of Bali by participating in a herbal soap-making workshop. Harness the healing properties of the island's herbs and spices to create organic soap bars with an aromatic touch. Crafted with an organic coconut oil base, these soaps not only pamper your skin but also serve as unique souvenirs, allowing you to extend the Bali spa experience to your daily routine.

Organic Cooking Class

Balinese Cooking Class

Discover the secrets of Balinese cuisine in an organic cooking class that combines culinary skill-building with sustainable practices. Pick fresh vegetables from an organic farm, master the art of creating tantalizing dishes, and relish your creations in the serene ambiance of a local setting. By participating, you not only gain valuable culinary knowledge but also support local farmers in their livelihoods.

Sunrise Cycling 

Sunrise Cycling

Swap conventional transportation for a two-wheeled adventure, immersing yourself in the authentic Balinese way of life. Despite the island's lack of bike-friendly infrastructure, embark on an eco-cycling tour that winds through rural areas, offering a glimpse into daily life away from the bustling crowds. Opt for a sunrise cycle through picturesque landscapes, basking in the early morning sun as it paints the horizon with warm hues.