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You’re a coffee enthusiast and want to experience the making of the most expensive coffee in the world, Luwak coffee while visiting Bali? We have some recommended coffee plantations where you can have Luwak coffee tour in Bali.


1. Bali Pulina

Jl. Br. Pujung Kelod, Tegalalang, Ubud

This place is open for public to support local coffee farmers selling their coffee product. Here you can see the traditional process of making Luwak coffee, also having a tour at its wide coffee plantation. Don’t miss the coffee testing of your personal choice of coffee provided here while enjoying the beautiful view of the village.


2. Teba Sari Agrotourism

Br. Kelingkung, Lodtunduh, Gianyar

Witness each stage of Luwak coffee production in Teba Sari Agrotourism, from how the beans eaten, digested, and extracted by Asian palm civet. You can also take a small tour at its coffee garden while watching the locals’ daily activities. Don’t forget to try the Luwak coffee and other type of coffee, Bali chocolate, and rice wine which are locally made here.


3. Alam Sari Agrotourism

Banjar Kebon Singapadu, Gianyar

Visit Alam Sari Agro-tourism and take a fun tour at its wide coffee plantation. You can see so many type of coffee plants and the exotic process of making them into coffee product. Included here is of course the making of Luwak coffee. Not to mention the place has a great atmosphere with really fresh air. Beside experience the tour, guests are also welcomed to take other activities, such as making traditional craft guided by the locals there.


4. Buana Amertha Sari Agrotourism

Br. Seribatu

It’s one of the most famous coffee plantations in Bali. You can take a Luwak coffee plantation tour here, see the natural process of coffee-making, and able to experience the coffee testing. See how the coffee beans roasted on a clay pan uses the heat from firewood. Enjoy the beautiful sight of the green hill too while drinking coffee at its terrace.

5. Lumbung Sari House of Luwak Coffee

Jl. Raya Lodtunduh, Lodtunduh, Gianyar

If you’d like to experience a short Luwak coffee plantation, this might the perfect place. As soon as you enter the place, the guide will welcome you and take you to tour the garden. See the traditional making of Luwak coffee then served with several types of coffee for testing.

If you’re interested on having a Luwak coffee plantation tour, you can use travel and tour services in Bali where the majority of them include it into their itinerary.

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