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Women's Day: Ini Vie Hospitality Embracing and Pledge All-out Support to Women

International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on 8th March every year. This global celebration wants to draw attention to topics such as gender equality and equity, reproductive rights, and violence and abuse against women. This year's International Women's Day 2023 campaign theme is #EmbraceEquity. The goal of the #EmbraceEquity campaign topic for IWD 2023 is to have people talking about why equal chances aren't enough. Individuals come from varied backgrounds, therefore meaningful inclusion and belonging need equal action.

Hence, in the excitement of this year's International Women's Day, Ini Vie Hospitality goes over the significance of gender equity and how women entrepreneurs empower women and girls in order to achieve economic and sustainable development goals.

Bali has many talented women entrepreneurs. These women undeniably play a significant part in the growth of the island. Women's roles stimulate the development of diverse sectors in Bali as this island is one of the top destinations for national and international travelers.

Women entrepreneurs provide a fresh perspective to regularly cis industries and professions. Women entrepreneurs are pushing change and striving towards true inclusion by giving chances and possibilities to others, due to their talents, intellect, enthusiasm, devotion, and creativity. 

Jourimanzky, a fashion content creator, expressed her feelings about body positivity as part of the women's day campaign. As she works as a body curvy model, she wants to boost the confidence of women out there to love their bodies. Cok Istri Mirah, a make-up artist based in Bali also spoke the same thing about being confident.  She said being self-assured gives her the strength to develop her business. 

Putu Fitri Ertaningsih, a fashion brand in Bali called Cap Bali also stated her thoughts about Balinese women and culture. As she works in the fashion industry, she wanted to show off to the world her culture. Putu said, “How to make Cap Bali unique and to be a trendsetter is our vision, I want to make Balinese patterns and Balinese heritage to be casual and fashionable.”

That is why Ini Vie Hospitality wishes to raise awareness and collaborate with Balinese women entrepreneurs as we celebrate this year International Women's Day. Ini Vie Hospitality pledged all-out support to womenpreneur in Bali to support their business, and how they can influence others. There is also an exclusive promo for girls and women if you want to stay at the luxury Ini Vie Hospitality property. So make yourself a queen by staying at Ini Vie Hospitality. 

The world is not perfect of course, but we can make it a better world. We can imagine a gender-equal world. A world without bias, preconceptions, or discrimination. A varied, equal, and inclusive world. A world in which diversity is recognized and cherished. We can achieve women's equality by working together. We can all #EmbraceEquity together.

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