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Amarta Beach Retreat Presents Amarta Art Festival

Amarta Beach Retreat in Pasut Beach, Tabanan Regency, presents Amarta Art Festival which will be held from December 3rd – 15th, 2022 in collaboration with Maharupa Batukaru and Sanggar Kembang Bali. It is one of the Amarta Beach Retreat's missions to support local talents and preserve local culture.

Bringing the Balinese theme "Nanduring Karang Awak" which was inspired by Balinese philosophy from poetry literature by Kawi – Wiku Ida Pedanda Made Sidemen. He wrote sentences to teach us to live happily in a simple life. Try to realize the 'self' which is rich in potential. The Amarta Art Festival aims to explore the potential of Tabanan artists who have long been famous for their works, including Ketut Mario in dance, Nyoman Nuarta in sculpture, and Putu Wijaya in literature. This event collaborated with Maharupa Batukaru and Sanggar Kembang Bali.

Maharupa Batukaru is a community of painters from Tabanan who have been working for approximately four years by displaying their works at various events. In this event, as many as twenty-four painters will present their best works at the Amarta's stunning events spaces. The artwork will be displayed at Joglo Daharan Restaurant, Joglo Sari, Destination Meeting Room, and Lilly by The Sea Beachfront Dining. Apart from Maharupa Batukaru, this event also collaborates with Sanggar Kembang Bali which has been established since 2001 with one of the most famous maestros, I Nyoman Sumandi, a wayang artist or puppeteer who is well known through his performances on the international stage. The performance of this wayang can be seen at Joglo Sari.

The Amarta Art Festival will not only exhibit works of art from talented artists, but visitors can also take part in several art classes that will be presented, including painting and sculpture classes. Classes will be held at Joglo Sari guided by skilled artists. While attending the class, if visitors are interested in the paintings on display, they can be used as souvenirs. We hope that the Amarta Art Festival will be an introduction to knowing deeply about the Balinese culture, but it's also a way to support local artists to keep sustaining their creativity and motivation for them to preserve these amazing talents, I Wayan Sunadi, S.Sn, I Made Gunawan, Nyoman Wijaya, Ni Luh Gede Widiyani, Wayan Sukarma, I Nyoman Kariasa, I Made Kenak Dwi Adnyana, I Wayan Susana, I Gede Oka Astawa, I Gusti Putu Yogi Jana Priya, MadeSutarjaya, I Wayan Santrayana, S.Pd, M.Pd, Ni Luh Gede Fridayani, I Made Gama, I Nyoman Kanta, Pande Putu Ogy Mega Sanjaya, I Made Budiyasa, I Gusti Nengah Sura Ardana, I Wayan Naya Swantha, Putu Adi Suweca, Made Wahyu Senayadi, KetutSuadnyana, I Nyoman Aptika, I Ketut Boping Suryadi, and I Made Astika Yasa.