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Celebrating Kartini's Spirit in Sustainable Tourism Practices at Umana Bali


A part of Hilton’s revered LXR Hotels & Resorts collection, Umana Bali sets a new standard for luxury and relaxation in a retreat that combines culture, community diversity, and well-being to provide a fascinating experience that nurtures the soul. In efforts to enhance the experience, Umana Bali implements sustainable tourism practices which has a positive impact on nature and the surrounding environment, benefiting women's communities in the resort's vicinity.

As LXR Hotels & Resorts’ property debuts in Southeast Asia, Umana Bali anchors the tourism practices in three main pillars. It starts with an intriguing individual design, which serves as the foundational identity of LXR Hotels & Resorts across each location. The landscape architecture and interior design of the resort reflect local legends, beliefs, and customs, breathing life into Balinese art through intricately carved patterns and spaces that cultivate a sense of community. Umana Bali's design harmoniously merges divine, communal, and natural elements, extending a heartfelt invitation for guests to honor and partake in the timeless Balinese dance of unity and reverence. Contemporary Balinese dancer sculptures are adorned with antique coins typically used as offerings at sacred events and for temple decorations. Inspired by the graceful movements of fans in the iconic Legong Keraton (the Palace Dance), the lobby features handcrafted metal and glass chandeliers. The design concept for the 72 luxurious villas draws inspiration from Bali's subak, a traditional irrigation method that harmonizes with tranquil nature and the Divine. This concept extends to the Heart of the House, a large multifunctional area encompassing an all-day dining restaurant and the Kids Club, which is a paradise on earth for our younger guests.



Umana Bali showcases all its design splendor using local materials, including stones sourced from the surrounding environment for pools, pathways, and walls. The thoughtful selection of indigenous plant species further demonstrates a commitment to creating a sustainable and ecologically harmonious cliff landscape.

Moreover, Umana Bali celebrates each guest's personal adventure through opulence epitomized in its second pillar: unparalleled bespoke personalized service. By intertwining three elements—Nature, Humanity, and Spirituality—Umana Bali cultivates a meaningful contemporary vision in each of its services. An authentic connection with nature, organic handicrafts, and holistic health rituals can bring the Island of the Gods “alive” for guests. Each unique experience on offer is inspired by traditional Balinese culture, then developed to meet the needs of the modern travelers in pursuit of their own personal adventure. In line with Umana mission of a profound commitment to responsible tourism, Umana Bali prioritizes the environment and local communities by collaborating with skilled local craftswomen to fashion a sanctuary where luxury converges with responsibility. Through established partnerships, this resort has crafted works of art sourcing local materials such as exquisite Javanese marble and rattan, while providing environmentally friendly amenities including beauty equipment made from recycled banana leaves, boxes crafted from coconut shells, and natural sandals woven from pandan fiber and mendong grass.



The collective effort to empower local women was initiated by the current leader of Umana Bali. In her role as the General Manager, Serpil Guney stands as a steadfast advocate for diversity, equality, and inclusion. Throughout her tenure, Serpil has spearheaded initiatives to uplift the status of women and support local communities. Actively involved in educational programs and community empowerment initiatives, Serpil derives immense fulfillment from nurturing young talents—a passion she perceives as a reflection of the indomitable spirit of Ibu Kartini, an iconic figure in Indonesia's women's emancipation movement.

“Celebrating the role of leader and womanhood is indeed a noteworthy occasion. A woman's passion and leadership style do not falter solely based on her gender; instead, it underscores the strength of an empowered woman. Throughout my professional journey thus far, being a woman has offered numerous advantages and influences that have shaped my career path. In the future, I aspire to have an even greater impact on women worldwide through the actions of the company I lead," said Serpil.

At Umana Bali, the third pillar manifests through Balinese cultural values, which are evident in culinary offerings that delight the senses. The resort meticulously procures 80% of its raw ingredients from neighboring farms and hydroponic cultivations, ensuring an unrivaled freshness and culinary excellence infused into every dish presented across its refined restaurants and bars. Moreover, guests can also indulge in Balinese wine tasting activity, where they can savor wines sourced from Bali's fertile vineyards, imbuing each sip with the narrative of the terroir that adorns the eclectic tapestry of Bali's landscape.



“LXR's unwavering dedication to presenting attractive design, bespoke service, and a diverse range of culturally rich experiences has been successfully implemented at Umana Bali. Immersing oneself in this sanctuary gives an opportunity for a modern interpretation of Balinese life rooted in culture and community, revealing the magical essence of this island in a responsible manner towards nature and its profound influence on the surrounding environment and people," concluded Serpil.

To sensibly and ethically experience the Bali way of life while honoring nature and the surrounding environment, Umana Bali also offers the Balinese Getaway package. Valid throughout 2024, guests can make a minimum reservation for a 2-night stay and receive daily breakfast plus a daily resort credit worth Rp1.5 million.

For more information and reservations, please visit the official Umana Bali website or contact +62 361 3007000. For the latest information on Umana, please visit the official Instagram account @umanabali.

Umana Bali, LXR Hotels & Resorts
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