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Aryaduta Bali Empowers Youth Through Traditional Martial Arts

Aryaduta Bali

Aryaduta Bali, in collaboration with professional athletes from the Indonesian Pencak Silat  Association of Bali Province, is proud to announce the success of its initiative to empower youth  through the rich heritage of traditional martial arts. The hands-on training and mentorship  program, held at the Heavenly Garden, Aryaduta Bali, brought together enthusiastic and talented  children from the Idris Royhana Foundation on 26 November 2023. The event marked a  significant step in fostering the physical and personal development of the youth through the  practice of Pencak Silat. 

Aryaduta Bali recognizes the importance of preserving and promoting traditional martial arts, and  this collaboration with professional athletes aims to bridge the gap between generations, passing  on cultural knowledge, mental and physical discipline to the younger members of the community. 

"The success of this activity is a testament to the commitment of Aryaduta Bali and the Indonesian  Pencak Silat Association of Bali Province to empower the youth through traditional martial arts.  We are delighted to see the excitement and talent displayed by the children of the Idris Royhana  Foundation during the event," said RM Rendy Prapanca, General Manager - Aryaduta Bali. 

Professional athletes from the Indonesian Pencak Silat Association of Bali Province, I Gede Arya  Widhyantara, I Kadek Raditya Dahana, Ni Kadek Tasya Widhyacitra, actively interacted with the  children, guiding and teaching them the essence of Pencak Silat. The event not only showcased the  dedication of the youth participants but also highlighted the positive impact of mentorship and  hands-on training in shaping their skills. Aryaduta Bali remains committed to creating meaningful  initiatives that contribute to the well-being and development of the local community. The success  of this collaboration sets the stage for future events and activities that will continue to empower  youth through the rich heritage of traditional martial arts. 

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