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Alila Ubud: A Symphony of Romance, Where Eternal Love Finds Its Perfect Stage Amidst Nature's Embrace

In the heart of Bali's enchanting landscapes, where emerald rice paddies meet the gentle flow of the Ayung River, Alila Ubud unfolds its magical embrace as an exquisite haven for romantic celebrations. Imagine the air filled with the sweet fragrance of tropical blooms, the gentle rustle of lush foliage, and the symphony of nature serenading your union. Alila Ubud, a sanctuary of elegance, invites you to embark on a timeless journey of love. As you exchange vows beneath the rustling palms, surrounded by the whispering sounds of the tropical breeze, an ethereal backdrop of emerald greenery and the tranquil river create a tableau of unparalleled romance.

Our dedicated team at Alila Ubud curates every detail, ensuring your wedding day is a reflection of your unique love story. From the intimate exchange of vows to the grand celebration, each moment is infused with the essence of Balinese charm and the sophistication of modern luxury. Indulge in a feast crafted by our skilled culinary artisans, a symphony of flavors inspired by the richness of Bali's culinary heritage. Whether you choose to dine beneath the stars, overlooking the Ayung River, or within the elegant confines of our beautiful venues, each setting is a canvas for your love story.



Alila Ubud, where every detail is meticulously woven together, transcends the ordinary to create a wedding experience that is as extraordinary and timeless as your love. In this haven of romance, let your story unfold, and your journey together begins with the enchantment of Alila Ubud.

Alila Ubud
Desa Melinggih, Gianyar, Ubud, Bali
Phone: 0361 975963