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Ease Your Lower Back at the best Spa in Ubud

Do you want to ease your lower back? come to the best spa in Ubud. Waist discomfort is not easy to deal with. As a result, coming to the spa and receiving the best massage might help to relieve some of the pain in your lower back. Come to Svaha Spa Bisma for the greatest lumbar massage in Ubud.

Svaha Spa Bisma tenders total relaxation within the tranquillity of Ubud's mesmerizing natural beauty, situated on a stunning cliff overlooking the jungle and river which only generates a holistic experience. Prompt you into a calming and subconscious experience with a Svaha Spa masterly therapist who adheres to the highest standards of hygiene and sanitation.

You will be pleased with the service provided by Svaha Spa Bisma; you may request a more addicting massage to your lower back with a bit more pressure, and the results will be spectacular. The attention, the setting, the treatment, the ambiance, everything adds to making your experience unforgettable. 

Visiting Svaha Spa Bisma assures an unforgettable experience. You will be whisked away to a land of tranquility and rejuvenation with their Flower Bath, which is truly lovely, with spectacular views and a relaxing flower perfume. Svaha Spa Bisma ensures you have the greatest experience possible by providing exceptional service. The therapist was knowledgeable and adapted the treatment to your individual needs, resulting in a peaceful and renewing experience.

Svaha Spa Bisma has a lot of treatments that you can choose based on your preference. One of our best-selling treatments of the month that you can try is Aromatherapy Massage. This treatment allows you to feel deeply relaxed in your mind and body by getting a full body massage with oil and soft to medium pressure by our therapist. Imagine your body will be pouring with your favorite essential oil and get the best massage ever, what a blessing!

Svaha Spa Bisma is located inside Kaamala Resort Ubud the center of Ubud at Jalan Bisma No 888 X, Ubud - Bali. Near several tourist attractions and a cozy and chic cafe. So, if you want to try to ease your lower back pain, you can come to Svaha Spa Bisma. Learn more about Svaha Spa Bisma on Instagram at @svahaspabisma or contact us here