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Celebrating Three Decades of Timeless Elegance and Sustainable Luxury

In the heart of Indonesia's serene coastal haven of Manggis, Alila Manggis gracefully marks its 30th year – a journey of refined luxury, deep cultural immersion, and an unwavering commitment to sustainability. As we celebrate this significant milestone, Alila Manggis is proud to unveil a series of initiatives that honor our heritage while forging a path toward a more responsible and interconnected future.

This year, each 30th day of the month is dedicated to a unique initiative, reflecting our ethos of giving back to the community that has been an integral part of our story. Picture the aspiring minds of local students stepping through our doors to glean insights and wisdom from the world of hospitality, a testament to our commitment to nurturing the future leaders of this industry.

Our connection with the community extends beyond the realm of education. It is a harmonious relationship where support and growth are mutual, echoing the core values that Alila Manggis has cherished since its inception. These community-centric initiatives are but a reflection of our dedication to enriching the lives of those around us.

Sustainability is not just a concept at Alila Manggis but a living practice. This year, we introduce pioneering initiatives like the Zero Waste Cocktails, where the art of mixology meets environmental consciousness. Each concoction tells a story of creativity, resourcefulness, and respect for our planet.

In solidarity with global environmental efforts, Alila Manggis will participate in Earth Hour, turning off non-essential lights to communicate climate change and the importance of sustainable practices. Furthermore, our beach clean-up drives are not merely activities; they are collective efforts of guests and locals alike, nurturing the pristine natural beauty of Manggis that we all hold dear.

As we look back on 30 years of unparalleled experiences and look forward to a future of innovative and sustainable luxury, we invite our esteemed guests, partners, and community members to join us in these endeavors. Your participation and support will amplify our impact and help us continue to set benchmarks in responsible luxury.

Alila Manggis has always been more than a resort; it's a testament to the harmonious blend of cultural authenticity, environmental respect, and luxurious tranquility. As we embark on the next chapter of our journey, we remain committed to offering meaningful and memorable experiences.

For more information on our 30th-anniversary initiatives and how you can participate in this momentous occasion, please contact us at [email protected], +62 363 41011, or visit

Join us in celebrating this significant milestone and be part of a legacy that cherishes the past, embraces the present, and thoughtfully shapes the future.

At Alila Manggis, we don't just create getaways; we craft experiences that resonate with the soul, gently tread on the earth, and enrich the lives of those around us. Here's to three decades of exquisite journeys, and many more to come.

Alila Manggis
Desa Buitan, Manggis, Karangasem, Bali
Phone: 0363 41011