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ISA Tudung Sudung Mulyana - Sekar Puti - Omah Budoyo

ISA Art Gallery would like to invite you to witness the interplay of ceramic clay and knitted yarn in "Tudung Sudung," an exhibition by Mulyana and Sekar Puti.

Opening : June 18th, 2023 (11 am - 6 pm)

Public Days : Jun 18th- August 18th 2023 (Tue – Sun, 11am – 6pm)

Jl. Karangkajen No.793,Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55153

Registration Click Here

See you at the opening!

ISA Art Gallery presents TUDUNG SUDUNG, an exhibition showcasing recent works by two Indonesian artists, Mulyana and Sekar Puti. This exhibition features their three-dimensional creations using their signature materials: Mulyana employs yarn, while Sekar Puti utilizes clay.

Despite the contrasting characteristics of the materials, both artists face the challenge of seamlessly blending them in this exhibition. Yarn and clay share a transformative nature, starting as soft and malleable before undergoing processes that result in firm and solid sculptures.

Both artists engage in repetitive processes: Mulyana’ calculated knitting of yarn and Sekar Puti's manipulation of clay through pressing, pulling, glazing, and baking. Through their artworks, in TUDUNG SUDUNG, they explore the concept of home, examining it from various perspectives, including social dynamics, cultural influences, and personal identities.

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