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Give Thanks for Good Eats at Karma Kandara’s Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner

Karma kandara

This Thanksgiving Day, we cordially invite you to partake in a truly authentic holiday dinner buffet at Karma Kandara, where the culinary magic of California-native Executive Chef Joseph Antonishek takes centre stage. For this special occasion, Chef Joseph will share cherished recipes from his own childhood, bridging the essence of tradition with a delightful island twist for our Thanksgiving celebration at di Mare.

The evening promises a delectable feast, starting with a Farine bread service, complemented by housemade cranberry and apple compound butters, offering a tantalising prelude to the culinary journey. Begin your epicurean adventure with delicate deviled eggs that elevate the classic, featuring decadent imported Japanese uni blended into the yolks and crowned with glistening ikura salmon roe. Savour velvety slices of house-cured salmon gravlax, infused with the fragrant notes of East Indies gin.

Continuing the feast, relish duck rillettes enlivened with autumnal spices and tangy dried cranberries. Delight in vibrant salads, including a protein-packed quinoa cornucopia adorned with toasted coconut and a crisp kale salad embellished with grilled pear and robust gorgonzola.

Of course, no Thanksgiving dinner would be complete without the timeless classics. Mama Antonishek's legendary green bean casserole, crowned with crispy fried onions and her savoury sourdough bread stuffing, fragrant with herbs and broth, make a heartwarming appearance. Creamy whipped potatoes share the stage, alongside glazed heirloom carrots and local Brussels sprouts, given a modern twist with smoky homemade tempeh 'bacon' bits, while an indulgent highlight is the Himalayan black truffle-infused macaroni and cheese. For those with a penchant for seafood, tender roasted local barramundi is served with sweet Lombok island corn succotash.

The pièce de résistance is, of course, di Mare's meticulously roasted turkey, crafted from the finest imported American birds, brined to perfection in tangy homemade apple cider infused with savoury herbs, orange slices, and a medley of perfect holiday spices.

For dessert, indulge in Chef Joseph's signature pumpkin pie, elevated with a bourbon-infused sabayon, a delightful American twist on a classic French dessert sauce. This Thanksgiving buffet promises not only a journey of authentic flavours but also a celebration of togetherness and gratitude. It's an opportunity to relish sumptuous cuisine and engage in meaningful conversations with loved ones, encapsulating the spirit of the holiday.

Don't miss out on this memorable Thanksgiving experience. Contact di Mare today to reserve your place at the table and embark on a culinary adventure that marries tradition and innovation.

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