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Introducing the epitome of relaxation and rejuvenation: The Rain Shower Treatment by YHI Spa

Melia Bali

Step into a world of sensory bliss as YHI Spa unveils its latest indulgence – The Rain Shower treatment. Designed to transport you to the realm of tranquil serenity, this exceptional spa experience transcends the ordinary and embraces the extraordinary. 

Imagine cascading droplets of warm, revitalizing water enveloping your body, washing away the stresses of daily life. This treatment is a seamless fusion of nature’s soothing touch and YHI Spa’s expertly crafted technique. Each droplet, like a gentle caress, massages your senses and unravels tension from head to toe. 

Elevating the concept of hydrotherapy to new heights, this luxurious treatment combines state-of-art technology with the artsy of our skilled therapists. It’s not just an experience, it’s a journey that caters to your body, mind, and soul. 

IDR 790,000 nett/single

IDR 1,550,000 nett/couple

50 minutes treatment. 

For information and reservation, please contact [email protected] or WhatsApp at +628113867789