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COMO Metropolitan Bangkok, the City's Most Astonishing Cosmopolitan and Wellness Hotel

In October 2003, COMO Hotels and Resorts opened COMO Metropolitan Bangkok. It was the company’s second Metropolitan property (the first opened in London in 1997). COMO Metropolitan Bangkok is located at the city’s heart in the Central Business District, minutes from Bangkok’s major shopping areas and a 40-minute transfer to the International Airport. It is removed from Bangkok’s traffic but close to the city’s buzzing nightlife, tucked away on South Sathorn Road.

Newsletter: Valentine's Day Deals and Promotions

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Cue the flower bouquets, boxes of chocolate, extravagant meals, and gifts, yes, Valentine’s day is around the corner. Valentine’s Day is what you and your lover make of it. Celebrating this special day with your significant other by dining out may sound too cliche but it still works.

Newsletter: The Best Golf Guide

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Being busy as it is, golf is one of the many fast-growing sports to do. Golf does indeed offer a chance for the overworked to relax, enjoy the view, and work the muscles once in a while. This means many meetings and discussions occur on the green manicured grass instead of in board rooms. 

Newsletter: Chinese New year 2023 Ultimate Guide

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As the Lunar New Year approaches, let's celebrate the Year of Water Rabbit in full swing. As you’d expect, many hotels and restaurants are planning some serious feasts. 

Best Useful Apps for Locals and Expats

Begin your hassle-free lifestyle in Jakarta by using these amazing apps. From dining, health, and exercise, to entertainment, they are extremely helpful for your daily life. Check out our compilation of the best useful apps that we love.

Newsletter: Chinese New Year 2023 Deals and Promotions

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Chinese New Year is an important celebration that symbolizes the beginning of spring and the start of a brand-new year. This year, the Year of the Water Rabbit will fall on Sunday, 22 January. Save yourself the trouble of whipping up a home-cooked feast by booking a table or two at these hotel restaurants.

Newsletter: New Year 2023 New Tables

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A new year is a fresh start on the calendar, full of hope and potential. It's time to say hello to 2023 and set your goals even higher. We are also excited about what 2023 will bring to us and what we are going to deliver to you. 

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