For more than centuries, everyone knows that most wines are produced in the vineyards of Bordeaux. Aside from that, countries that also serve as the biggest wine producers include Italy, France, London, U.S.A, and all parts of Europe. This is because of the grape production are solid and massive since the climate in these countries is suitable for the said plantation.

While this may be true, there are some other countries which we may less know that also produces elite and classic wines which are known worldwide. Well, I guess your mind is still thinking of other countries in Europe or America. This time, let’s go to Southeast, Asia. Yes, you read that right! We’re about to discover vineyards and winery production to the other side of the world.

One of the biggest winery production in Southeast, Asia happens in the beautiful area around Singaraja which is exactly found in North Bali, Indonesia. The vineyard is called Hatten Wines which harvests and posses 34.5 hectares of succulent and solid variety of grapes. The vineyard has existed for 14 years in North Bali where it continues to develop and improve. That said, the Hatten Wines has already reached what the world of wines should ultimately deliver to all its esteemed consumers.

The main reason why grape plantation in this area is abundant is because of the same climate that Bordeaux has. North Bali has a beautiful consistent climate which includes clear mountains, sunrays exposure, and the richness of volcanic soil which helps every grape to grow fully and tastefully. In fact, when local and foreign tourists tours in Hatten Wines, they’ll see that beauty of the vineyards and how they are well taken cared of.

The growth and production of grapes in the areas of North Bali has started in the 20th century. Since then, Hatten wines were able to produce classic and vintage wines such as Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Blanc, Pinot Noir, including the famous Bordeaux-made wines which are Margaux. While the production of wine has started strong in Bali, like other big vineyards, they weren’t able to escape the attack of common vine diseases. However, due to the vineyard’s persistence, they were able to survive to choose a dark variety of grapes to grow in the said plantation.

In recent time, Hatten Wines were able to maintain an excellent procedure on how to make their grape plantation healthy. All vines found in North Bali are all subjected to overhead every trellis which is called Pergola. This method is crafted from small trees that come in regular pruning. This will ensure every worker in the vineyard that all grapes are safe as they grow to keep them away from the risk of sunburn that each fruit may suffer paving a way for each fruit to produce the sweetest taste as possible.

Moreover, each worker in the vineyard makes sure that each grape is inspected from time to time which is technically done on a daily basis so each one is protected from any harmful elements. Also, each worker oversees that when the heavy rain comes, the grapefruits are sealed and protected so they won’t all fall down to the ground putting everything into waste. All the things that Hatten Wines are doing to take care of the grapefruit to be used in the production of fine wines are impressive to maintain the quality and the taste of the wine as they are aged through oak barrels.

Take note that in Southeast, Asia like Bali, they experience most of the tropical weather. This is the main reason why the winemaking business in Bali is unique because each grape is harvested constantly. They are mostly gathered when they are still evergreen so they can be produced all year round instead of only once a year. Actually, the main reason why wine production is large and massive in Europe and America is that grapes naturally need cooler weather condition to produce well. In tropical countries like Bali, Indonesia, it takes 120 day-cycle before they can fully harvest the fruit for fine wine production.

By the way, the main winery business is situated in the Sanur Business Center of North, Bali. Looking into how the Hatten Wines facility looks like, the posses state-of-the-art wine production material like big winery business you can find in Europe. They have huge stainless steel vessels where they store sparkling and Champagne wines, a lot of large tanks and oak barrels for the aging process. Furthermore, the installation room, bottling room, fermenting room, and laboratory facilities are separated to maintain proper sanitation and cleanliness.

Hence, Hatten Wines is able to produce an average of 5000 bottles per day. Lastly, Hatten Wines make sure that the production of their wines are fully followed and each role is played thoroughly by each worker to maintain their integrity and credibility not only today but for more years to come.

Photo by Rodrigo Abreu on Unsplash