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Jakarta Free-Flow Guide

Aren’t we all guilty of finding some excuse to enjoy a celebratory drink? From birthdays to anniversaries, a new job,

14 Best Cocktail Bars in Jakarta

Take a break from a hustling day and enjoy your favorite smashing cocktail at these best cocktail bars in Jakarta.

Where to Celebrate Easter in Jakarta

Easter is just around the corner. Have you figured out how to celebrate it? If you're planning to celebrate Easter in Jakarta, you're in the right track.
Gourmet Desserts in Jakarta

4 Best Gourmet Desserts in Jakarta

They say you first eat with your eyes, then with your mouth. So there is nothing more gratifying than being

14 Meat Shops in Jakarta

Jakarta has tons of steak houses, but for carnivores and meat lovers alike, nothing beats cooking and grilling your own piece of steak.
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