With all the limitations during #stayathome, there are still ways to always be productive and improve your skills at home. And, we can learn all that online. Here are things you can learn at home, from cooking, painting, repairing, to making a website.

1. Cooking

Thankfully, cooking schools are open for online classes. Indonesia Patisserie School, a renowned patisserie school in the country is opening classes for homemade bread. With easy recipe and technique, you can follow the instructions without worry. Lady Bake Cooking Class, a private baking class in Jakarta is also open for an online class for home cooks everywhere. Other than taking online classes, cooking skill is also something you can improve by watching on some YouTube channels.

Get your ingredients through these grocery stores: Jakarta, Bali, Bandung, Surabaya, & Yogyakarta.

2. Painting

If you want to try something new and healing, or simply want to improve your artistic skill while killing time, painting is a good activity to do at home. Bartega Studio is open for online classes and you can also get the painting kit delivered to your home to maintain the physical distancing. You can also check the YouTube channel above to have an easy painting activity with your family or kids.

3. Photography

Let’s take your photography skills to the next level. There are several good channels to follow, from easy photography hacks with your phone, to some tips and tricks to make you like a pro.

4. Play instruments

With plenty of resources online, you can learn whatever instrument you want at home. Be it guitar, piano, violin, to flute.

5. Knitting

6. Repairing

Now you can take part in repairing stuff in your house by learning some of them online. From plumbing, repair an earphone, to something more challenging like repairing TV, laptop, bicycle, to even a car.

7. Self-defense moves

8. New languages

If you’re still want to improve your Bahasa Indonesia skill, BIPA from the University of Indonesia is the best platform and they still open for online classes. You can check more info about it on its Instagram bipaui. There are also YouTube channels that teach languages from around the world with easy methods as mentioned above.

9. Make a website

10. Gardening

You can learn about gardening in your home through some YouTube channels. But, you can also join an online workshop for more detail way about gardening at home. Jalin Mimpi will hold a virtual workshop about urban farming in collaboration with wegrow.life this April. For more information about it and another virtual workshop, click here.


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