When talking about tourism spots, Yogyakarta has many to offer. There are all kinds of tourist attractions in Yogyakarta, and all of them are fun to visit. Whether it’s cultural tourism, culinary, or nature tourism, Yogyakarta has it all. If you plan to spend your Eid holiday in Yogyakarta, here is a list of recommendations for what to do in Yogyakarta

1. Stroll around Malioboro

It doesn’t feel right if you go on vacation to Yogyakarta but don’t spae time visiting this legendary street. Here you can find various things ranging from restaurants, souvenirs shops, malls, street food vendors, and many more. In Malioboro, you can also visit various historical tourist attractions such as Vreidberg Fort, Keraton Yogyakarta (Palace), Beringharjo Market, and Senobudoyo Museum.

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2. Enjoy the beautiful beaches in the south of Yogyakarta

Photo: jamelatour.co.id

Yogyakarta doesn’t only have Parangtritis. In recent years, various beautiful new beaches have also begun to be opened to the public, such as Baron Beach, Wediombo, Siung, to Indrayanti. Unlike Parangtritis which has black sand, the majority of other beaches have beautiful white sand. The beaches are also no less beautiful than the beaches in Bali.

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3. Explore the legendary culinary specialties of Yogyakarta

Legendary city, legendary food. Yogyakarta also has a line of legendary culinary delights that you must try when visiting here. Starting from the most familiar like gudeg, this city has a long list such as Gudeg Yu Djum, Gudeg Sagan, to Gudeg Mbak Lindu. Not to mention other foods such as brongkos, bakim, sate klatak to mangut.

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4. Visit beautiful temples

Photo by apryan widodo on Unsplash

The Yogyakarta civilization that has been around for a long time has resulted in many beautiful temples being built in the area. The most famous temples of course are Borobudur and Prambanan temples. But not many know that in the Yogyakarta area there are other temples such as Ratu Boko Temple, Ijo Temple, Kalasan Temple, to Plosan Temple.

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5. Live like a local

It doesn’t feel right if you go on vacation to Yogyakarta but don’t feel the local experience. Fortunately, in Yogyakarta there are lots of unique villas that can give you that experience. There is Omah Selaras, a villa with a limasan house-style that you can live in with your family. There is also Omah Gerabah, a villa that is also in a pyramid style and is located in the center of Kasongan pottery. In addition to these 2 villas, there are also many other unique villas that can make you blend in better with the surrounding area.

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