The Manohara Hotel Yogyakarta (TMHY) held a celebration to commemorate the One Year Operation Anniversary, Monday (1/11/2021). The event which was carried out with strict health protocols and the use of the PeduliLindung application was attended directly by the Deputy Regent of Sleman Danang Maharsa, Head of the DIY Tourism Office Singgih Raharja and several officials from stakeholders and the board of directors of PT Taman Wisata Candi Borobudur, Prambanan & Ratu Boko (Persero).

President Director of PT TWC Edy Setijono thanked all stakeholders who have worked together in the development process and the running process of the hotel which began operating during the early period of this pandemic.

“We thank our colleagues for their support so far. To the representatives of the association who have chosen Manohara as a tourist accommodation facility for tourists who come to Yogyakarta. We ask for your blessing and hopefully the presence of the hotel can play a role in growing this DIY tourism,” he said. .

Deputy Regent of Sleman Danang Maharsa said that through innovation, tourism actors could get out of the crisis during this pandemic. “During the pandemic, we don’t have to stop innovating, but this is part of our enthusiasm to innovate to create something new to increase tourism in Sleman district.

The Head of the DIY Tourism Office, Singgih Raharja, representing the DIY Provincial Government, appreciated TMHY’s persistence in surviving this pandemic. As a hotel that started its operations during the pandemic, TMHY was able to show extraordinary resilience and growth to support the rise of Yogyakarta tourism.

“We know that not a few have fallen, but not a few have grown, including TMHY which has shown its resilience to the pandemic. On behalf of the DIY local government, we really appreciate and support TMHY’s success,” he explained.

This 1st Anniversary Celebration of The Manohara Hotel Yogyakarta can be a reflection of the potential to develop through its uniqueness that invites tourists to come to this 4-star hotel located in the Gejayan area, Sleman, Yogyakarta.

“I don’t see the other number, but I see the potential that PT TWC manages to raise TMHY with high experience in the tourism sector. We hope that every hotel has its own uniqueness, and TMHY has a uniqueness that is an option for tourists to come,” he continued.

The 1st Anniversary of Operational Anniversary of The Manohara Hotel Yogyakarta which took place at the Dharmacakra Mudra Ballroom of The Manohara Hotel Yogyakarta consisted of various events. In addition to cutting the cone by the board of directors of PT TWC, THMY also gave awards to Top Corporate and Online Travel Agent (OTA) partners.

For this first year, PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk won an award for the Top Corporation category. Meanwhile, the Online Travel Agent (OTA) category was won by Pegipegi, and MG Bedbank.

Meanwhile, Acting GM of The Manohara Hotel Yogyakarta Andreas Iman Kurniawan said that the 1th Anniversary celebration was held in a simple manner. “A warning during this pandemic, we prioritize caring for the community and orphanages by sharing basic necessities. In addition, we also hold staff gatherings as a means of building intimacy among staff,” he said.

The Manohara Hotel Yogyakarta is part of the business of PT TWC, which is located at Jalan Affandi Number 35 Yogyakarta. The hotel with a lifestyle concept that has 119 rooms from various classes with panoramic views of the city and Mount Merapi will support the growth of the Indonesian tourism sector so that it can bounce back.

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