The Corona pandemic that is still ongoing makes most people afraid to travel far or even just leave the house. Staying at a hotel is certainly an option for most people to just unwind, do a little family vacation or even work from hotel. Many hotels are now competing to provide attractive offers with extra security for their potential guests.

One of them is The Manohara Hotel Yogyakarta prioritizes a high security for its guests. “Since November 2020 we have pocketed the CHSE certificate, which was issued by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy,” said Andreas Iman Kurniawan as Plt. General Manager.

CHSE is the implementation of health protocols based on Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environment Sustainability. The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy as the institution that oversees the tourism and creative economy sectors is intensifying the CHSE health protocol so that it can be implemented by community business entities.

In addition to being CHSE Certified, all employees of The Manohara Hotel Yogyakarta have participated in the Covid-19 vaccine program. This Covid-19 vaccination program is given to tourism and hotel people. A total of 76 employees of The Manohara have carried out a series of Covid-19 vaccinations. “Of course we are relieved to have given the Covid-19 vaccine to all hotel staff, because that way we can provide maximum service to guests during their stay at The Manohara Hotel Yogyakarta, because the safety and comfort of guests is a top priority for us,” said Stevy. Yola Marketing Communications.

In order to provide optimal service for guests, recently The Manohara Hotel Yogyakarta as a business unit of PT. TWC (Taman Wisata Candi) has participated in the Food Safety Training held at Manohara Borobudur on August 23, 2021. This Food Safety Training was presented by representatives from the Professional Chef Association and I Clean. In the training, the staff who attended were provided with knowledge in food processing and presentation. “The Food Safety Training which was held at PT. TWC as a series of implementation of the CHSE program and attended by representatives from various units is very good because it is right with current conditions and can add insight and knowledge of tourism actors, especially for units engaged in Food and Beverage Service such as The Manohara Hotel. So that in the future it can be directly applied to each unit so that the quality of food safety that we serve is better maintained,” said Stevy Yola.

“The Manohara Hotel prioritizes the safety and comfort of guests, so we always follow the government’s recommendations in dealing with the Corona Virus. We provide hand washing facilities and hand sanitizers at both hotel entrances, require all staff and guests to use double masks and require guests staying overnight to include a negative covid letter and again all our staff have been vaccinated. For events held at hotels, it will always go with permission and strict health protocols and never exceeding the recommended capacity. So if at any time there are routine checks from the authorities regarding this matter, we are not worried because we have implemented all the recommendations from the government,” concluded Andreas Iman Kurniawan.

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