Since the opening of the new Yogyakarta International Airport in Kulon Progo, you will be lulled by the many emerging destinations around Kulon Progo.

If described precisely one by one, the charms of Kulon Progo can be divided into several categories. In this case, if you just have a very tight schedule but still want to enjoy Kulon Progo all day, don’t worry. We recommend visiting some of the following tourist attractions for a quick pleasant of adventure.

How to get there

Beside the newly opened Yogyakarta International Airport, traveling to Kulon Progo can be done from Yogyakarta Station. The trip can usually be reached by using the YIA Airport Train with a travel time of approximately 30 minutes, from the center of Yogyakarta with a ticket price of IDR 20,000.

Relax at Desa Wisata Purwosari

Desa Wisata Purwosari Gumilir Tea

Desa Wisata Purwosari (Purwosari Tourism Village), apart from being known as a top producer of salak (snake fruit) in Kulon Progo, is also a producer of goat’s milk. In addition, Purwosari also has a tea processing education center. This Tourism Village is also known as the Angguk Dance where all dancers are young females and dressed like Dutch soldiers. This village can be reached from Yogyakarta via the Godean path using either two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles for approximately 1 hour.

The Invigorating Ekowisata Sungai Mudal

Sungai Mudal

A beautiful destination with the charm of a stepped waterfall often used as a public bathing place for local residents. The name Mudal itself comes from the Javanese language which means “to come out.” Refreshing natural scenery, as well as the blue river water, comes from a spring at the foot of Mount Kelir.

From the parking lot, visitors are required to walk about 500 meters to the location of the Mudal River. This tourist spot is usually used for swimming. However, Mudal River Ecotourism also provides other facilities such as a camping ground and flying fox. This tourist attraction is also equipped with a gazebo that can be used to rest while unwinding. An easy route to reach from Yogyakarta to the west via Jalan Godean then towards Kulon Progo for approximately 50km.

Sendratari Goa Kiskendo

Sendatari Sugriwa – Subali

As a geotourist in Kulon Progo, Goa Kiskendo (Kiskendo Cave) is one of the geo-heritage areas that has the beauty of stalactites and stalagmites from active karst rocks. At the entrance area of Kiskendo Cave, there are reliefs that tell the story of the Sugriwa-Subali legend which is now visualized in the form of an art performance. After we finished walking through the cave for about 20 minutes, we could relax for a moment enjoying the Sugriwa – Subali art performance.

Explore Glagah Beach by Jeep

Glagah Beach by Jeep

Glagah beach is one of beach in Kulon Progo. It is located in the Subdistrict of Temon, Kulon Progo and it’s approximately 10 km from Wates, Kulon Progo and it’s around 2 km from the highway of Yogjakarta-Jakarta.

You can explore Glagah Beach with the lagoon route. Take an adventure to walk along the lagoon of Glagah Beach, then pass through the pine forest track, while playing in the water, you can also enjoy the trails that are side by side with the landing time of the plane at YIA International Airport. The entrance ticket is around IDR 6,000 per person.

Magnificent View of Kali Biru

Kali Biru

Travel can be done by jeep. With a challenging track, the surface that continues to climb down a hill with shady trees on the left and right sides of the road taken can be very rough. Your tiredness will be paid off with the beautiful natural scenery on the highlands. Besides being able to see the mountains, we can also enjoy the beauty of the Sermo Reservoir from the top of the hill, as well as the green surrounding mountains. You can also take beautiful pictures in a natural setting. Kali Biru can also be used as a place for the outbound area.

Easy cycling ride in Kepanewonan Temon Kulon Progo


Cycling in the expanse of rice fields, with smooth, quiet road tracks and shady views of the surrounding village is a great idea. If you are looking for a quiet natural tourist spot in Kulon Progo, Kepanewonan Temon Kulon can be the place to be. Located right behind the Grand Dafam Signature International Airport Yogyakarta, the track offers a natural panorama while pedaling a bicycle. The road conditions are good and not too far away, so it’s perfect for just refreshing.

Where to stay

Grand Dafam Signature International Airport Yogyakarta

If you have needs in Kulon Progo, you may need lodging in the form of a comfortable hotel or homestay, as a place to spend the night while there. At first glance, references to lodging accommodations in Kulon Progo Regency are not as many as in other regencies in Yogyakarta, that’s why many tourists still opt to stay in Yogyakarta for a day trip to Kulon Progo.

However, the facilities and services of inns and hotels in Kulon Progo Yogyakarta are of a national level at affordable prices such as Grand Dafam Signature International Airport Yogyakarta which has just opened. Other options include Cordia Hotel Yogyakarta and numerous homestays.