Try Tokyo Japanese-style cuisine without traveling abroad through a delicious and rich Japanese dining experience at NEO Malioboro. Omurice Tempura Shrimp, Japanese fried rice with soft omelet served with shrimp tempura and demi-glace sauce, can be tried throughout May & June for IDR 60,000 net/portion

“This Little Tokyo Treats is a program from Archipelago International so that hotels serve a variety of Japanese specialties throughout May & June. Besides Omurice Tempura Shrimp, we also prepare Japanese Melon Soda, which is quite popular in Japan,” said Firmansyah, Executive Chef of NEO Malioboro.

Japanese Melon Soda

Omurice comes from the words Omelete and Rice, which have been popular in Japan for more than a century. Fried rice cooked with chicken, fish balls, carrots, peas, and scallions produces a savory and delicious taste, coupled with a soft half-cooked omelet that will surely arouse the taste of guests who order. As a side dish, this Omurice comes with crunchy shrimp tempura and a thick, savory, and rich-tasting demi-glace sauce.

In addition to meals, NEO Malioboro prepares a popular Japanese drink known as Japanese Melon Soda. This drink costs IDR 35,000 net and is made from a mixture of melon-flavored syrup and soda with a fresh green color that tastes sweet and pleasant. These dishes and beverages can be bought straight from Noodles Now Restaurant or by calling +62 817-7951-1999.