As a hotel that continues to innovate following the needs of today’s society, Hotel Dafam Fortuna Seturan Yogyakarta provides recreational and educational facilities for families, namely Mini Zoo and Playground. This facility was opened in early June. Facilities that are intended for in-house guests are expected to make guests, especially the family segment, have a different experience that is not obtained when staying at other hotels in the same area as Hotel Dafam Fortuna Seturan Yogyakarta.

“We are aware that, with the location being far from the ring 1 area of ​​Malioboro, we must have more selling points to attract guests to choose and stay at our hotel. We saw a good opportunity by adding child-friendly facilities, so we created this mini zoo x playground as an additional free facility for our beloved guests. The goal is as an all in one staycation; staying guests no longer need to look for outside entertainment but can already get it at our hotel,” said Cluster General Manager of Hotel Dafam Fortuna Yogyakarta, Mr. Aris Dwi Atmoko. “In the future we will also launch promos related to mini zoo and playground facilities to be enjoyed by outside guests who are not staying at our hotel,” he added.

What’s interesting about the Mini Zoo here is that not only children, but also parents can enjoy this facility. Visitors can interact with animals from a close distance, to take pictures with our various animals. You don’t have to worry about taking pictures with the animals at the Mini Zoo Hotel Fortuna Seturan Yogyakarta because there are staff who will accompany visitors.

Still at the same location, the Play Ground Hotel Fortuna Seturan Yogyakarta presents the feel of playing indoor with a variety of games that are certainly liked by children. Various models of toy cars, cooking games, ball baths, trampolines, and many other choices of games. Guests can enjoy this facility to their heart’s content from 07:30 to 17:00.