1.The Original Gelato Malioboro

Gelato hits Jogja is now open in Malioboro! Located right across from Malioboro Mall, really strategic right? The place also has vibes that are great for hanging out. The gelato choice is still diverse and delicious. FYI The Original Gelato was also created by PT. Indonesian Gelato Tempo. So there is no doubt about the quality of the gelato.

The Original Gelato Malioboro
Jl. Malioboro No. 99

2. Melipir Coffee

There is a Japanese-style coffee shop in Jogja, called Melipir Coffee. The place is really cozy for hanging out or home work. There is also an outdoor area in the front yard and back garden, so you don’t need to worry for those of you who smoke. The recommendation menu is Dark Fantasy, Coffee Mocktail.

Melipir Coffee
Jl. Merpati No. 9

3. Bura Bura

Another Japanese-style coffee shop that recently opened in Jogja, is called Bura – Bura. This coffee shop carries a Japanese Minimalist theme, which is unique from the front, there is no sign whatsoever, only the letter B near the entrance. If you come here, you must try Ze Presso & Chunky Monkey’s signature coffee.

Bura Bura
Cokro Square, Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto KAV 0

4. De Tropen Jogja Kitchen

If you are looking for a tropical-style restaurant that is suitable for dining with your family, De Tropen Jogja Kitchen could be the right choice. This restaurant has outdoor and indoor areas which are very spacious. For those of you who bring children here, Kids Meal and Playground are also available. For photo spots, it’s quiet here, you have lots of spots to take pictures.

De Tropen Jogja Kitchen
Jl. Amerta Raya No. 89B