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Heri Dono’s Solo Exhibition | Phantasmagoria of Science and Myth

October 16 January 16

The Art and Archive of Heri Dono
16 October 2021 – 16 January 2022
A Solo Exhibition by Heri Dono

Phantasmagoria of Science and Myth is an exhibition that mainly focuses on archives, as a glimpse into the trajectory of Heri Dono’s life and artistry over the past 40 years. From the presentations of latest works to various forms of archives, the exhibition shows sequences of important points in Heri Dono’s journey that point out his creative process, ups and downs, tensions or struggles in professional choice, up until finally being able to gain recognition and existence in the global art scene. This exhibition is also presented for the purpose of facilitating an entry to understand more about archival culture, by focusing on the artist, Heri Dono, as an embodiment of these very practices.

Based in Yogyakarta, Heri Dono (b. 1960) is a leading contemporary Indonesian artist who has a long history of career and achievements and is well known to the international contemporary art community. In his artistic practice, he is often inspired by figures in wayang kulit stories while addressing various socio-political contexts in his paintings and installations. Heri Dono has often represented Indonesia in world art festivals such as the Biennale / Triennale in various countries since 1984, and is the first Indonesian artist invited to the Venice Biennale. In addition to many awards, Heri Dono and his works are also recognized as a source of critical study by a number of critics, curators, and academics, who further confirm his existence as an artist.
Supporting programs (Fringe Events)

  1. Discussion: Archive Management for Young Artists
    25 October 2021

    The absence of discipline and tidiness in storing and managing archives often creates difficulties in collecting data for various purposes related to documentation or an artist’s exploration. Even if the artist has an awareness of the importance of archives, it is not always followed by the act of storing archives properly and correctly. Heri Dono is one of the few artists who has the opposite awareness and behavior: diligently storing and maintaining archives. All things related to his profession and artistic career have been stored properly.
    This discussion is addressed for young artists as an effort of knowledge sharing on the significance of archives in supporting their careers and works.
    Tirtodipuran Link | Jl. Tirtodipuran No. 50, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 55143
  2. Screening of “Enigma of Hedonism” and Discussion: New Form of Archive
    8 November 2021

    “The Enigma of Hedonism” is a 45 minute film that tells the values and attitudes in Heri Dono’s life as an artist. This film is the result of the first collaboration between Srisasanti Syndicate, artist collective Mes 56, and Heri Dono with his studio, Studio Kalahan.
    Indonesia has a very large and rich diversity of arts and culture. However, this diversity is not accompanied by adequate efforts in archiving or documentation activities, so that in the end many are lost over time. This film is a form of our commitment in continuing the enrichment of Indonesian art archives.
  3. Discussion: “How to Achieve Biennale?”
    22 November 2021

    Since entering the global art scene in the early 1990s, Heri Dono has participated in more than 30 international art biennials and triennials. Heri Dono is also the first Indonesian artist to have been invited to the Venice Biennale, one of the world leading art events and exhibitions that has a significant importance in the global art scene.
    This discussion serves as a retrospective reflection of Heri Dono’s journey, from the beginning of his artistic pursuit, breaking into the global art scene, and being able to participate in various renowned art events and exhibitions such as the Venice Biennale.
  4. Book Review “Phantasmagoria of Science and Myth”
    13 Desember 2021

    Phantasmagoria of Science and Myth is a book that explores the various knowledge, ideas, and myths of Heri Dono. The three authors; Mira Asriningtyas, Mitha Budhyarto, and Lisistrata Lusandiana, gives us clues of many things we can take and talk about from Heri Dono; about how myth and fiction influence not only his art, but also the way he sees the world. This book is the result of a collaboration between Srisasanti Syndicate and Studio Kalahan Heri Dono and artist collective Mes 56.
  5. Artist Talk: The Career Journey of Heri Dono
    January 10, 2022

    Towards the end of the exhibition, the gallery will present an artist talk that focuses on discussing Heri Dono’s artistry and life journey to date. The session is expected to provide insight on how Heri Dono can build his career and create works with critical ideas and intriguing points of view.

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