This July, The Alana Yogyakarta Hotel presents ‘Pepes Nusantara’ cuisine which is rich in spices like Pepes Ikan Cue and Garang Asem Ayam. For Pepes Ikan Cue, it will be served with sayur asem and corn rice at a price of IDR 55,000 net. In addition, there is also Garang Asem Ayam, which is a processed chicken with coconut milk cooked using banana leaves and dominated by savory, sour and spicy flavors, only priced at IDR 60,000 net. To refresh your palate, a healthy drink also with a mixture of ginger and mint, Hibiscus Ginger Mojito is ready to serve at IDR 35,000 net.

Sajian Lengkap Pepes Ikan with nasi jagung

When it comes to Pepes, Pepes Ikan Cue can be said to be one of the favorite Pepes dishes because of its salty and spicy taste, which in fact is liked by most Indonesian palates. The cooking process is done with carefully marinated over spices and then will be steamed to perfection. So it’s no wonder the taste that is served really tempting. Combined with complete spices, such as turmeric, sliced ​​leeks, basil leaves, garlic, mashed shallots, candlenut, ginger, sliced ​​​​curly red chilies and green tomatoes and using banana leaf wrappers, the aroma gives you something unique and special. The savory and spicy tastes penetrate completely into the fish meat. Very enjoyable.

Hibiscus Ginger Mojito

As for Garang Asem Ayam, it is said that Garang Asem culinary is a dish for wealthy people. This is because the price of free-range chicken is still very expensive. Only people who were present at that time had the opportunity to buy free-range chicken. All of the spices in this dish use native Indonesian spices, plus pieces of chili and star fruit as a source of sour taste. Usually, the chicken used in Garang Asem culinary is free-range chicken, because the free-range chicken will feel softer and tender than other chickens.

Garang Asem Ayam

“This is also a program from the Government and is supported by Archipelago Indonesia to elevate local food to become a mainstay menu dish at hotels. Local cuisine with the taste of a five-star hotel and served with good quality products by professional chefs is presented to add to the culinary experience for visitors and guests at The Alana Yogyakarta. In addition, the process of cooking by steaming is also very healthy, easy to digest, maintains weight, and can reduce cholesterol levels,” said Merlin P Manulang, General Manager of The Alana Yogyakarta.