Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, ARTJOG decided to postpone the 2020 (MMXX) edition entitled Time (to) Wonder and then replaced it with an ‘emergency response’ edition titled ARTJOG Resilience last year. For this year, finally ARTJOG holds their exhibition titles ARTJOG MMXXI: Arts in Common – Time (to) Wonder that will be held on 8 July to 31 August 2021, at Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta.

This time, ARTJOG attempts to return to the curatorial scheme that they launched since 2018. Continuing the second edition of the trilogy arts in common, for this year the festival uses Time (to) Wonder as its frame. Carrying out the issue of ‘time’ as the key concept, the exhibition will showcase the latest works of 41 (individuals and groups) artists who all live and work in Indonesia.

“ARTJOG wants to consistently contribute (to society and art) by providing a presentation space for the artistic exploration of contemporary artists. We have been preparing for this series of Arts in Common exhibitions for a long time. And the artists involved in Time (to) Wonder this year are the ones we have invited since December 2019,” explained Heri Pemad, Director of ARTJOG.

ArtJog Opening Ceremony

ARTJOG MMXXI: Arts in Common – Time (to) Wonder was officially open on 8 July 2021. The opening was held online through the website www.artjog.id, social media channel Instagram @artjog.id and YouTube channel Kill the TV.

This event was hosted by Marzuki Mohammad and then inaugurated by the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno. The opening of ARTJOG MMXXI: Arts in Common – Time (to) Wonder was attended by the ranks of the central and local governments, the private sector, participating artists, festival managers, all partners, and art lovers.

Sandiaga Uno said that the government is ready to give attention, motivation and encouragement to the creative economy community, even during a pandemic like this, and to give appreciation to ARTJOG for its consistency.

“Art and culture have developed into creative economy products, become a separate industry, they create job opportunities, become the pillars of the country’s economy. The ideas and creativity of ARTJOG and Heri Pemad turned out to be an added value, becoming a drive engine to our creative economy,” he added.

This year’s ARTJOG exhibition program will also be accompanied by educational programs such as the Young Artist Award, Exhibition Tour, and Meet the Artist. In addition, there are still Expanded ARTJOG programs, performances, ARTCARE, and Jogja Art Weeks.

ArtJog Opening Ceremony

The implementation of the government’s emergency public’s activity restriction (PPKM) one week before ARTJOG took place requires ARTJOG to postpone public visits. Nevertheless, the public can still enjoy various information presentations through the ARTJOG website and social media channels.

ARTJOG has a role as a place of thought, and one way to rise from the pandemic condition. The works presented in the exhibition room are presented as artist’s statements about their resilience and creativity. Everything that the artist has done, it is hoped that it can be fully seen, enjoyed, and appreciated so that the message that the artist wants to convey can also be received by the public as a whole.

Photo Courtesy: Antara News