Dinner at Gudeg Sagan

It’s not complete if you visit Yogyakarta but don’t savor some great Gudegs. There are actually a lot of gudeg choices here. But when night falls, we highly recommend Gudeg Sagan. Apart from the deliciousness of the gudeg, we can say the place is clean, adding some comfort when dining in. Here you will eat in the open terrace area while accompanied by quality live music performances.

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Kopi Joss Experience at Angkringan Pak Jarot

To close the day, let’s hang out and take a caffeine intake while enjoying the night atmosphere of Yogyakarta. To make it more complete, let’s order a glass of Kopi Joss and some angkringan traditional snacks. For us, Angkringan Pak Jarot is the most appropriate place. Apart from having a lot of menu choices, the location is also strategic, being on the main road of Pangeran Mangkubumi, and only a few meters from Tugu Yogyakarta.

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