On Tuesday, March 3, 2020, the rooftop bar ‘What The Deck’ of the new Porta hotel by The Ambarrukmo, Yogyakarta Hotel Public Relations Association or Himpunan Humas Hotel Yogyakarta (H3y) as a non-profit community that aims to strengthen the good relations of hotel & resort public relations in Yogyakarta, introducing a new committee for the 2020-2022 work period. After going through the process of selecting the core committee via the Google Form digital link, four names were chosen to represent H3Y as a whole. Dicky Pratama from Harper Mangkubumi as Chairman I, Rahmanda Mutia from Grand Dafam Rohan as Chairman II, Fredeswinda Sukma Dwi Jayanti from Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta as Secretary, and Maria Perwitasari from The Phoenix Yogyakarta as Financial Manager.

The four names in the H3Y core committee for the 2020-2022 period will continue the solid vision and mission of the previous management, namely Chairman I – Khairul Anwar from Royal Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta, Chairman II – Venta Pramushanti from Tentrem Hotel Yogyakarta, Secretary & Financial Manager – Shela Novitasari from Swiss-Belboutique Yogyakarta that brings H3Y with a variety of weighty monthly meeting activities. The educational mission of H3Y members which is now also starting to be opened to the public who want to learn more about the development of today’s public relations, especially the hospitality industry, will remain a routine agenda and a hallmark of the H3Y professional community. Strengthening the image of Yogyakarta by interrelating with each other from the stakeholders of the public relations professionals will become a unity that continues to be strengthened.

“The H3Y, which was four years old in February 2020, will become a solid forum for all Yogyakarta hospitality public relations partners. We do not forget to express our gratitude for the support and good cooperation from our senior predecessors at H3 Bandung and Jakarta. In the future we hope H3Y is not only an exclusive community for hotel public relations, but can be expanded with social, educative roles and the development of the tourism image of Yogyakarta in particular, and Indonesia in general,” said Khairul Anwar accompanied by Venta Pramushanti to all active members of H3Y who recorded 60 more.