Take a look at Indonesia’s first online yoga platform where you can practice and share with other like-minded people from all over Indonesia. Recently launched back in August, YogaIndo is sure to bring a studio-like yoga class with a wide variety of styles, levels, as well as teachers, all from the comfort of your home. 

Virtual launching event in August 2020 

Founded by Devi Suhendi, an experienced yoga instructor known for her fiery and nourishing flow, YogaIndo is all about authenticity, acceptance, and movement. Through a collaboration and support from other instructors, YogaIndo aims to create a community where people with different backgrounds are united through yoga. 

For some, yoga is not just about movement and poses. It is instead a connection, a special bond within your mind, your soul, and your body. YogaIndo platform believes that this opportunity should be accessible to everyone, from complete beginners to advanced ones. From that simple thought, YogaIndo took their first step and began their journey to give the perfect ambience to practice and share your yoga journey. 

“I believe that yoga is not just about your head on the ground and your feet above the air. It’s a personal connection within our mind, our breath, our body, and our soul. Yoga is truly for everyone and I believe that yoga helps you to develop the person you become. Yoga would change your perspective of life and the way to see things,” says Devi of her newest project, enthusiastically. 

YogaIndo’s philosophy is to create possibilities for people to practice yoga from anywhere in Indonesia. Packed with various yoga styles, such as Hatha and Vinyasa, YogaIndo also provides suitable classes for every level, all created by certified yoga instructors: Deera Dewi, Beni Tahir, Anggi Ratna, and many more. 

At YogaIndo, we see our practice as a personal process, allowing ourselves to accept and embrace every step we take and move us further, both on and off the mat. You can practice with YogaIndo 24/7, get to know them more through Instagram @yogaindoapps or visit their website yogaindonesia.co.id