Wonderful Indonesia won the Best Booth of the Year award at the 2019 Asia Dive Expo (ADEX) India Ocean Festival which was held on 4-6 October 2019 at the Bombay Expo Center 2019, Mumbai, India. ADEX is an international diving-themed exhibition which has been held annually since 25 years ago in Singapore, Beijing and Shanghai. It is also a place where marine industry players, stakeholders, communities, marine tourism activists, diving tourism, and marine conservation from around the world gather and meet. This is the first time ADEX has been held in India.

“The participation of the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism in these event aims to attract tourists with special interest in diving due to the increasing awareness and interest of Indian tourists about marine tourism in Indonesia. The promotion will be done through presentations and panel discussions involving speakers from Indonesia,” said Sigit Witjaksono who served as Assistant to Marketing Development II Regional III Kemenpar.

Ministry of Tourism occupies a 54m2 booth located in area B05-B14 as the Wonderful Indonesia Pavilion. “The Wonderful Indonesia Pavilion facilitates 10 diving industries in Indonesia where visitors can directly ask questions and buy diving packages sold in Indonesia to the industry,” Sigit said. Moreover, to attract visitor’s attention, the Wonderful Indonesia Pavilion also provides interactive games with many prizes such as authentic Indonesian souvenirs, door prizes, and Indonesian coffee made by Indonesian baristas.

To increase visitors’ knowledge and awareness of marine tourism in Indonesia, Ministry of Tourism presented an official guest speaker, namely Daniel Abimanju Carnadie (Abie) who is a member of Maritime Tourism Acceleration Team in Field 3 for Underwater Tourism. Abie has 20 years experience as a professional diver and has been actively supporting the Indonesian diving industry.

India is one of the potential markets for Indonesia. The number of tourists in the ‘Subcontinent’ country has been showing significantly positive results. In 2012, there were 196,983 Indian tourists visiting Indonesia. But according to the latest official data from the Indonesian Statistics Agency (BPS) that number has tripled to 588,509 in January to November 2018. This number is a significant improvement compared to the year 2017, where there were 485,314 visits by Indian tourists.

“In 2019, The Ministry of Tourism is targeting to attract 800 thousand Indian tourists to Indonesia. One of the ways to achieve it is through participation in this 2019 ADEX,” Sigit said. Sigit added that Indian tourists visiting Indonesia were dominated by young people aged around 25 years with an average expenditure of US $ 1000 per visit, with an average stay of 7-10 days.