From ensuring women, advocating for women who lack access to safe health care, caring for women victims of sexual abuse, or who facing discrimination in the workplace, there are numerous charities and initiatives dedicated to serving women and communities in need. Head over to our list for more information or some of the organizations and associations that support women in Indonesia.

American Women’s Association of Indonesia

The American Women’s Association of Indonesia is an organization established and maintained especially for women. AWA has been in existence in Indonesia for nearly 60 years.

First established in the mid-1950s, our membership remains strong in numbers. AWA has grown into a vibrant organization that connects women of Jakarta and nearby areas with a supportive network of fellow expatriates, cultural integration, charitable works, and fun activities.


Lentera Sintas Indonesia

Lentera Sintas Indonesia is a support group for women victims of sexual violence and rape. One type of activity that is the focus of Lentera Sintas Indonesia is mentoring through closed, anonymous, and non-binding support group meetings. In addition, this community also wants to increase the awareness of the Indonesian people about the issue of sexual violence through various activities and approaches.

Instagram: @lentera_id

Investing in Women

Investing in Women, an initiative of the Australian Government catalyzes inclusive economic growth through women’s economic empowerment in South East Asia including Indonesia. Established in 2016, Investing in Women tackles one of the most critical social and economic issues of our time: gender inequality. Investing in Women uses innovative approaches to improve women’s economic participation as employees and as entrepreneurs and to influence the enabling environment to promote women’s economic empowerment.



Womenwill is a Google initiative to create economic opportunity for women everywhere so that they can grow and succeed. Helping women make the most of technology to build skills, get inspired, and connect with each other through training, events, and advocacy, we aim to drive conversations promoting gender equality to benefit everyone.


Wanita Wirausaha Femina

Wanita Wirausaha Femina (Femina’s Women Entrepreneurship program) program is a feminist community development program for women entrepreneurs in the SME class. This program offers education, networking opportunities, and training in entrepreneurship skills that are useful for developing businesses. Since being initiated in 2007, they have reached more than 18,000 women entrepreneurs nationwide. They come from a very diverse background, from home-scale businesses to those that are already established and have the opportunity to continue to grow.