Recently, you may have heard about something called double masking. Wearing two masks can improve your protection against Covid-19. To increase filtration, the CDC recommends us layering a cloth mask over a surgical mask. This method makes the cloth mask push the edge of the disposable surgical mask to make it even tighter to your face. Here are some of our favorite local brands that provide cloth masks for you to stay protected and be stylish at the same time.


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The premium Batik brand has a series of mask collections that you need to get. The beautiful batik pattern adorned each of every mask they sell. Alleira’s Cloth Mask is following SNI standards with 3-ply made of breathable cotton. They also have Alleira 4D face mask for better fitting.

Instagram: @alleira_batik


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From earloop to tied-up cloth masks, CottonInk has got your mask needs covered. Their fun, playful, and funky mask designs will make sure to make you look stylish on every occasion. They have a wide range of collections from water repellent masks, embroidered masks, duckbill masks, printed masks, and of course mask connectors.

Instagram: @cottonink


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Lozy’s mask is very suitable, especially for hijabers. It has a cute and playful pattern in accordance with Lozy’s characteristics. They are made of 2 layers of cotton, the inner layer has a filter to fill in the tissue equipped with an elastic strap that can be adjusted in size, can be washed, and is reusable. It’s conveniently breathable and it doesn’t make your nose stuffy.

Instagram: @lozyhijab


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If you’re into natural colors specifically black for the mask, BLVCK EDITIONS is definitely your choice. They collaborate with BLUESVILLE & ELHAUS to apply paisley patterns into their signature series of products. The outer is made from twill, and the inner side is made from cotton that comforting for your skin. They add a stopper on the strap, to easily adjust the mask.

Instagram: @blvckeditions

Sejauh Mata Memandang

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Their 3-ply reversible mask is created out of their excess fabrics to reduce waste. Their adorable mask will be useful especially for those, living in big cities with high air pollution. Each item is unique. There will be some differences in motive placement and color. The product that you will receive will not be exactly the same as the attached photos.

Instagram: @sejauh_mata_memandang


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Binzu has a unique natural tie-dye color for their masks. Dyed using natural indigo dye with Binzu’s signature motif, each mask is handmade and can be worn reversible to show the different motif on each side. The mask is already equipped with 3-ply layers and an earloop that can be attached with a mask connector to make it comfortable.

Instagram: @bybinzu


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Color your world with these unique colorful and playful face masks from Delapan Batik. We especially enjoy to their many patterns that are also available for adults and kids. They are perfect if you need something you can wear all day, every day.

Instagram: @delapanbatik

Damn! I Love Indonesia

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Help slow the spread of the virus with a standout face-covering mask by Damn! I Love Indonesia. The brand itself really showcases the patriotic side and the pride of being Indonesian. Be sure to check their other bold, fun, young, colorful face masks and wear them proud.

Instagram: @_damniloveindo