Salatiga once became a dream place for Eastern and Western people to live and settle. And now, even Indonesians are captivated by the charm of Salatiga. In terms of the environment, this city has all the elements that make almost anyone feels at home. Salatiga is basically a small town located on the crossroads of Semarang-Solo City, only 56,781 km2 or 12 smaller than Singapore. That small, so it only takes one day to go around the city. Despite the small land, Salatiga developed so much in many areas and one of them is its tourism sector.

Salatiga or also known as Mini Indonesia saves a lot of treasures that can be explored. The city has a strong regional culture among its citizens, perfect for cultural travelers. Salatiga is also known as a historical city as there are still so many relics from the Dutch colonial period here. Not to mention that the city has charming culinary as well. Here are the things you can do while having a weekend getaway in Salatiga.

Places to Visit

1. Tingkir Lor Tourism Village

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Tingkir lor Tourism Village is a small and beautiful village located on the border of Salatiga city and Semarang regency. Get the true countryside feeling completely as the village surrounded by pretty rice fields, trees, and breezy air. Other than experience the beautiful landscape, there are some activities that can be done here. From shopping local products, watching local art performances, to religious tourism.

2. Lake Rawa Pening

Rawa Pening is a lake area of more than 2000 hectares and one of the most favorite tourist destination in Salatiga. Rawa Pening or literally means “clear swamp” famous for its beautiful landscape. Boats to rent are available here for tourist go around the lake. You can also visit Kampoeng Wisata Rawa (Swamp Tour Village) where you can find floating restaurant, fishing place, local handicraft center, and many more.

3. Goa Rong (Rong Cave)

It is located on top of the hill at Jalan Raya Tuntang-Beringin KM 2, Desa Delik. To reach Goa Rong, you can use the stairs near cafe area (about 200 meters long). Other that the cave, another main atrraction here is the viewing post located above the cave. Place where you can gazing around the Salatiga city and mountain range while enjoying the cool breeze weather.

4. Havana Horses

Havana Horses is a natural horse riding school, located on the outskirts of Salatiga. You can enjoy lessons, courses, trail rides and horsey holidays here. The place is run by horse trainers and instructors Havedz Nugroho and Anna van Rheeden.

5. Ambarawa Railway Museum

Ambarawa Railway Museum is a train station that is now converted into a museum. This museum serves tourist train Ambarawa-Bedono, Ambarawa-Tuntang and tourist lorries Ambarawa-Tuntang. Ambarawa-Bedono tour or better known as Ambarawa Railway Mountain Tour operates from this museum to Bedono Station which is 35 km distance and taken 1 hour to get to that station. This train passes the jagged rail that is only available here and in Sawahlunto. The panorama of natural beauty like the green valley between Mount Ungaran and Mount Merbabu can be witnessed along the way.

Place to Eat

1. Waroeng Kopi Prijaji

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The restaurants blend modern and traditional concepts both in terms of the menu and interior. Enjoy various Western menu, like egg benedict and chicken parmagiana with a traditional exotic atmosphere. However, the highlight of this cafe is its 25 kind of coffee blends that served in 17 ways. Warung Kopi Prijaji also has its own coffee brand.

Jl. Raya Salatiga-Kopeng, Mangunsari, Sidomukti, Kota Salatiga, Jawa Tengah 50721

2. Joglo Ki Penjawi

The restaurant’s building is fully inspired by Javanese traditional house called “joglo”, decorated with some of Java’s ethnic ornaments. Joglo Ki Penjawi also comes as a spacious restaurant where you can dine in comfort with your kids, friends, or family. The restaurant serves Indonesian cuisine along with its signature coffee selection.

Jl. Ki Penjawi No. 14, Sidorejo, Kota Salatiga, Jawa Tengah 50714
(0298) 327887

3. 168 Cafe & Resto

168 comes as a unique and attractive place to eat. The interior is a blend of local vibe and modern art, where you can find colorful paintings on its walls. You can enjoy a wide selection of dishes, from Indonesian to international cuisine.

Jl. Nakula Sadewa, Dukuh, Sidomukti, Kota Salatiga, Jawa Tengah 50722