Towards New Normal, one of the news that people have been waiting for is permission to hold a wedding party. The governments of some cities in Indonesia have also started giving permits for people to have a wedding ceremony or party. However, weddings during New Normal must follow very strict regulations and prepare to be subject to sanctions if violated. The following are the rules:

1. Limit the number of guests

For akad nikah or blessings, the limit is only 20% to a maximum of 30% of the place’s capacity. So, it is highly suggested that procession is only attended by the bride and groom’s family. As for the wedding reception, it should be only 50% of the venue’s capacity, making it possible for guests to keep their distance.

2. Check the body temperature

Before entering the reception room, everyone must check their body temperature. Not only for guests but also for everyone involved, ranging from the bride, family, to the crew of each vendor.

3. Provide an area to wash hands

Not only in the toilet but a place to wash hands also needs to be provided in another area like the entrance door or inside the main event area. Hand sanitizers also need to be placed in several spots, such as near the dining area.

4. Mask, hand gloves, and face shields

All the wedding participants must wear a mask, including the bride & groom, family, guests, makeup artist, headman, and wedding organizer crew. Even better and safer to wear face shield as well, especially the buffet crew (if any).

5. No hand-shake

As is known, the hand-shake to congratulate at a wedding reception is an event that is considered important in Indonesia’s culture. Usually, guests will wait in line to get a handshake with the bride and groom’s parents. But during a pandemic, it should be dismissed. If you want to congratulate, it can be done by not touching each other. If you are waiting in line, there must be a distance between one guest and another guest.

With those regulations, it is also suggested to invite fewer guests to the event. Or, hold an online wedding where family and friends can join the ceremony without having to come to the venue. Several hotels in Indonesia also provide a New Normal wedding service for a more convenient ceremony, of course following the strict healthy protocol or regulations.


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