It’s the biggest annual event of Yogyakarta, in order to celebrate its 263 birthday, The Special Region of Yogyakarta once again hold Wayang Jogja Night Carnival take place on October 7th, 2019 at Tugu Yogyakarta main street, which is known also as an important historical landmark in the city of Yogyakarta.

The 4th Wayang Jogja Night Carnival featuring the special theme Ringgit Wanara Kagungan Dalem Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat or well-known as a “Kapi Kapi Puppets”, a special Yogyakarta Palace’s puppet who’s rarely showed in public. this puppet is unique because it combines the body parts of animals that represent life in the world. Yetti Martanti, S. Sos, M.M. as the Show Director of WJNC said, this event was to introduce the public to 14 characters of Wayng Kapi-Kapi. Through this event she hoped that people can get to know the Wayang Kapi-kapi and interpret their philosophies in everyday life. She also said that Wayang Kapi-kapi provides lessons for protecting each other in differences, united in diversity, it is very appropriate for the current context.

Those of 14 Kapi Kapi Puppet strong characters, among others including: Wayang Kapi Kingkin (a combination of crabs and monkey), Wayang Kapi Harima (has a monkey body and tail and a tiger head), Wayang Kapi Wraha, (a monkey body and a wild boar head), 4. Wayang Kapi Warjita (a monkey body and are headed and tail wrapped like a worm). Wayang Kapi Jaya Anala (whose body, face and tail are like monkeys, but whose hair resembles a blazing fire), Wayang Kapi Satabali (with a monkey body but has a tail and chicken head), Wayang Kapi Liman Dhesthi (a combination of elephants and monkeys).

Other characters are, Wayang Kapi Premujabahu, Wayang Kapu Sembawa ( a monkey body and tail and lion head), Wayang Kapi Cocak Rawun (with a combination of birds and monkeys), Wayang Kapi Endrajanu (which has a monkey body and tail and buffalo head). Wayang Kapi Widagsi (has a monkey body and rhino head), Wayang Kapi Jaya Arina, (a body and tail like an ape but deer-headed), Wayang Kapi Trewilun or Kwil Terwilun, which has a body and tail like a monkey but has a rabbit head. He is known to be sleek, able to walk through the ground and is a master of culverts. The event opened by Vice Governor of Yogyakarta special province, Sri Paduka Paku Alam X. Featuring 14 Wayang Kapi-kapi represented by14 sub-districts in the city of Yogyakarta in the Wayang Jogja Night Carnival parade # 4. There are 7 professional artists as creative teams that assist participants in overseeing the participant’s production process, namely KPH Notonegoro, RM. Kristiadi, S.Sn., Ali Nursotya Nugraha, M.Sn., Anon Suneko, M.Sn., Emerentiana Tri Ikhtiarningsih, S.Pd., Agung Tri Yulianto, S.Sn and Hermawan Sinung Nugroho, S.Sn,

Written by Yana Ghopar for