Famous Surabaya Landmarks You Need to See

Whether traveling solo, on business, or with family, Surabaya has something to offer everyone. Aside from the modern city, Surabaya has a lot of famous landmarks to visit. Some of these historic landmarks have not only become grand tourist attractions but have over the years captured the spirit of the city. In that case, we have put together Surabaya’s must visit famous landmarks for you

Sura and Baya Statue

Sura StatueThe pride icon of Surabaya. Actually, this statue is scattered almost all over the city. The only ones that are famous are the statues of Sura and Baya in front of the Surabaya Zoo and at the BMX Skate Park. This statue depicts of these two animals which inspired the name of the city of Surabaya: fish sura (shark) and baya (crocodile). It is said that Sura and Baya fought for territorial power.

Tugu Pahlawan Monument

Tugu Pahlawan

Photo by sbamueller via Wikipedia

The monument, which is located in the middle of the city of Surabaya, was built to commemorate the battle of November 10, 1945. The Tugu Pahlawan Monument is also a symbol to commemorate the services of the heroes who died in the battle. Height, segment and cannelures contain the meaning of the 10th, 11th month, 1945. In addition to the Heroes Monument, in this monument area, there is also the Ten November Museum. This museum contains historical objects from the struggle of the people of Surabaya.

Suramadu Bridge

Suramadu Bridge

Photo by structurae.net

The Suramadu Bridge is a bridge located in the Madura Strait to connect the island of Java with the island of Madura. It is a cable-stayed bridge between Surabaya on the island of Java and the town of Bangkalan on the island of Madura Suramadu itself is an abbreviation of Surabaya and Madura. Opened in June 2009, this 5,843-meter-long bridge is the longest bridge in Indonesia today.

Submarine Monument (Monumen Kapal Selam)

Submarine Monument

Photo by goodnewsfromindonesia.id

Surabaya residents used to call this monument by the name Monkasel, an abbreviation of the Submarine Monument (Monumen Kapal Selam). This monument is quite easy to spot because of its striking shape. This Russian-made Whiskey Class submarine was once used to protect Indonesia’s maritime territory at that time. The submarine was then brought ashore and used as a monument to commemorate the bravery of Indonesian heroes. Monkasel is on Pemuda Street, right next to Plaza Surabaya. Of course, visiting Monkasel can be an educational tourist option. Visitors can see how the contents in a submarine.

Bungkul Park

Bungkul Park

Photo by wisata.app

The park, which is located on Darmo Street, is one of the beautiful gardens for the citizens of Surabaya. How not, this park has been awarded as the best park in Asia given by the United Nations in The 2013 Asian Townscape Award. This park stands on an area of 900 square meters. It is equipped with various supporting facilities, such as an amphitheater with a diameter of 33 meters, a jogging track, a sledding area, a children’s playground, a fountain, and a food court. This park has become one of the tourist attractions for Surabaya residents to enjoy a green and fresh atmosphere in the middle of the city.

Sharp Bamboo Monument (Monumen Bambu Runcing)

Sharp Bamboo Monument

Photo by Hobi industri on Unsplash

Sharp bamboo is said to be one of the weapons of choice for the Suroboyo people in facing the invaders. It is said that sharp bamboo was made because of the limited modern combat equipment that existed at that time. To commemorate this, the Sharp Bamboo Monument, which is located on Panglima Sudirman Street, was created. This monument consists of 5 pillars that resemble pointed bamboo and are made of unequal heights. In addition, this monument is also surrounded by a small garden filled with various ornamental plants. This park makes the area around the monument a little scenic with a view of the greenery of the trees. This monument is also close to the Surabaya Zoo, Surabaya Heroes Monument and Tunjungan Plaza.

Jalesveva Jayamahe Monument

Jalesveva Monument

Photo by backpackerjakarta.com

The name Jalesveva Jayamahe is taken from the motto of the Indonesian Navy, which means “Our Glory is at the Seas”. Locally referred to as Monjaya, the monument is located at the Ujung Surabaya pier, depicting the figure of a Navy officer dressed in ceremonial uniform complete with a sword of honor looking out at the sea. As if ready to challenge the waves and storms in the ocean. The Jalesveva Jayamahe Monument depicts the next generation of the nation who is confident and optimistic about achieving the ideals of the Indonesian nation.

Governor Suryo Monument

Governor Suryo Monument

Photo by cendananews.com

The Governor Suryo Monument is a monument to honor the first Governor of East Java who was killed during the PKI rebellion in Madiun in 1948. This monument is located in the Apsari Park Complex on Jalan Governor Suryo in front of the Grahadi State Building. Aside from being a symbol of the greatness of Governor Suryo, the monument is also always used as a gathering place for youngsters in Surabaya on Sunday nights or at night on weekdays.