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Best Karaoke Places in Surabaya

Best Karaoke Places in Surabaya

Elevate your Surabaya's karaoke nights at these standout spots. Enjoy updated song selections and a delightful ambiance, or head to a family-friendly venue with comprehensive song options. For quality sound and service on a budget, explore various promotions. Enjoy a royal karaoke and dining experience or opt for top-notch yet affordable singing sessions in a clean and inviting environment.

Best Karaoke Places in Surabaya

Happy Puppy 

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IMG Credit: Happy Puppy

Happy Puppy stands out as an affordable and family-friendly karaoke option, open daily from 11 am to 2 am. With a comprehensive song selection, comfortable facilities, and enticing promotions, this venue is perfect for families seeking a wholesome karaoke experience. Enjoy good food, a cozy atmosphere, and excellent service, making Happy Puppy a go-to spot for karaoke enthusiasts.

Jl. Dr. Soetomo No.69, DR. Soetomo, Kec. Tegalsari, Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60264
Phone: +62 (031) 5618883

Inul Vizta

Harga Room Inul Vizta Surabaya Tunjungan Plaza Terbaru | Mancing Mania
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You can search for a karaoke experience at Inul Vizta, located on the 5th floor of Tunjungan Plaza and open daily from 11:30 am to 3 am. Boasting updated song selections, this karaoke spot offers not only excellent mic quality but also a spacious and pleasant environment. With big screens and a menu featuring good food and beverages, Inul Vizta ensures a delightful karaoke session with fast and responsive service.

Tunjungan Plaza, Jl. Embong Malang No.4, Kedungdoro, Kec. Tegalsari, Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60261
Phone: +62 (031) 5468282


Masterpiece Karaoke Family

IMG Credit: Masterpiece KTV

Experience affordable yet top-notch karaoke at Masterpiece Karaoke Family, open daily from 11 am to 2 am. With interesting promotions, good sound quality, and a clean environment, this karaoke spot ensures a pleasant singing session. Indulge in nice foods and a diverse song selection while enjoying the affordability and cleanliness of the karaoke rooms at Masterpiece Karaoke Family.

Jalan Dokter Soetomo No.97 B-E, Darmo, Kec. Wonokromo, Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60241
Phone: +62 (031) 5680988

NAV Karaoke

Tiket NAV Family Karaoke Mulyosari - Harga Mulai Rp 90.000 di Traveloka
IMG Credit: Traveloka

For a fun-filled karaoke experience, head to NAV Karaoke, open daily from 11 am to 2 am. This spot is known for its enjoyable ambiance, cleanliness, and comfortable rooms equipped with a good sound system. Offering various promotions, including bonus hours, NAV Karaoke provides friendly service in a strategic location, making it a top choice for a memorable karaoke night.

Jl. Bangka No.15, Gubeng, Kec. Gubeng, Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60281
Phone: +62 (031) 5013226


Royal KTV and Resto

IMG Credit: Google Review Tsurayya

A royal karaoke and dining experience at Royal KTV and Resto, operating daily from 12 pm to 3 am. With updated songs, delectable foods, and a cozy ambiance complemented by friendly service, this spot is ideal for a fun night out with friends. Capture memorable moments in an Instagrammable setting while enjoying the extensive karaoke offerings at Royal KTV and Resto.

Jl. Embong Malang No.33-35, Kedungdoro, Kec. Tegalsari, Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60261
Phone: +62 (031) 99241597

Top 5 Family Karaoke

Top 5 Family Karaoke
Instagram @top5.familykaraoke

Discover quality sound and service at Top 5 Family Karaoke, open daily from 10 am to 9 pm. This karaoke joint offers spacious rooms, nice locations, and affordability. Take advantage of their promotions while enjoying a complete song selection. With good mic quality and excellent service, Top 5 Family Karaoke ensures a delightful and budget-friendly karaoke experience.

Jalan Kenjeran No.505 Kec. Kenjeran, Gading, Kec. Tambaksari, Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60134
Phone: +62 (031) 3817265