Guide to the Best and Coolest Cafe in Surabaya

best cafe surabaya

For those of you who are cafe-hoppers, you will definitely know that Surabaya is one of Indonesia’s culinary paradises. For those of you who are in Surabaya, here are the best and coolest cafes in Surabaya you need to pay them a visit.

1. Tropikal Coffee

Tropikal Coffee

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For young people who love to hang out and spend a day soaking in the sun, Tropical Coffee is a perfect place to be. As the name implies, the place exudes tropical vibes donning the exotic brick-red color. Many visitors come here to do assignments and socialize with friends. Here also provides a happy hour menu at affordable prices which is suitable for students. In addition, you can also rent this place to hold events, such as pre-wedding photos and other social events.

Keputih Timur Jaya 20A, Surabaya


2. TBRK Rumah Kopi

TBRK Rumah Kopi

Photo byteguh_netinegoro

This place is one of the famous coffee shops in Surabaya which is very comfortable and relaxing. Although the place is not too big, this place offers two dining areas, indoor and outdoor in a humble homey setting. For the menu, this place provides a variety of snacks and coffee plus some non-coffee drinks. The coffee here is also very distinctive because they use their own production.

Jl. Manukan Dalam No.112, Surabaya


3. Onni House Surabaya

Onni House Surabaya

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Having a homely feel makes this place very comfortable to gather with family or friends. Aside from the cafe, Onni House is also served as a florist and plant shop hence there are a lot of green plants and pretty flowers blooming and nicely decked both indoor and outdoor areas. You can also find scented candles, rattan crafts, and pastries here. The menu is quite wide, our recommendations are Black Pepper Fried Noodles, Honey Barbeque Chicken Wings, Salmon Rice Curry, Pannacotta, and others.

Jl. Opak No.56, Darmo, Surabaya

4. Michuu Korean Coffee House

Michuu Korean Coffee House

Photo byhelminerina

For you Korean food lovers, this place is the best recommendation in Surabaya. In addition to the design that screams of Korea, the menu provided is also typical Korean dishes. Although the place is not too big, this place is designed very interestingly and adorable. With this very attractive design, Many K-Pop lovers come flocking here. Speaking of the price, it is also very affordable all with good taste.

Ruko Pakuwon Town Square, Blok.A-A1 No.11, Surabaya


5. Lumer+ Café

Lumer+ Café

Photo byadrchmnovia

This very comfortable place is perfect for those of you who want to hang out with friends. The atmosphere in this place is also very romantic and suitable to visit. Blooming in pink with a tropical atmosphere like you’re at the seaside that surely will attract a lot of people. The menu is also very varied and also comes with affordable prices.

Dharmahusada Utara I/34, Surabaya


6. Grandfather Coffee Shop

Grandfather Coffee Shop

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This place provides both indoor and outdoor fun with a classic house ambiance. The fun part is that this place also provides various facilities, such as wifi, and live music where you can request songs to be sung. With this classic theme, this place collects a lot of vintage items so you feel like you are at grandpa’s home in the 1960s. This place is highly recommended as a place for you to meet with old friends or just to unwind.

Jl. Kalasan No.25 I, Pacar Keling, Surabaya