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Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most anticipating festivals in the Chinese calendar which means the season of Moon Cakes is already upon us. From classic to unique and creative moon cakes, it is best considered to think about the whole exquisite packaging as well for wonderful gifts to your loved ones. We have already sorted out the best ones from the luxury hotels in Jakarta.

For alternatives, now it’s time for us to list some of the best mooncakes from restaurants and dessert shops in Jakarta. We will keep updating the list if we found something new for you to choose from.

Chāo Cháo

Photo credit by Instagram @chaochaojkt

Made with premium ingredients, the mooncakes feature three delicious flavors: Black sesame paste, Musang King durian with lotus paste and Pandan paste with salted egg yolk. Pamper your loved ones with the flavorsome Mid-Autumn Festival specials.⁠

The gift boxes hold six incredibly delicious mooncakes handmade by Chāo Cháo’s expert team; set individually in a box with a different phase of the moon symbolizing immortality and eternity while the full moon on the packaging represents completion, fertility and abundance.⁠

Alila Hotel SCBD, 25 Floor
SCBD Lot 11
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, SCBD, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
Phone: +62811 9628 001⁠
Instagram: @chaochaojkt

TWELVE Chinese Dining

Photo credit by Instagram @twelvejkt

To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, Twelve Chinese Dining creates a special Mooncake that has filling options such as Red Bean, Green Tea, Pandan, and Lotus! Delivery starts on 22 August 2022. They also provide special out-of-town delivery, for those who are beyond the JABODETABEK area.

Jl. Dr. Kusuma Atmadja No. 75, Menteng, Jakarta
Phone: +62 811 888 6013, +62 812 1212 4502
Instagram: @twelvejkt

Moone Bakery

Photo credit by Instagram @moonebakery

Moone Bakery is really good at innovating with new combinations of flavors. In addition to Moone Lotus and Moone White Lotus Mooncake which are signatures with classic flavors, this year there are several new flavor variants such as Japanese Yuzu + Lindt Dark, Korean Honey Purple Potato, Taiwanese Royal Milk Tea, and Indonesian Malay Cendol.

Phone: +6281250001681
Instagram: @moonebakery

Lim Khukki

Photo credit by Instagram @limkhukki

Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the biggest holidays celebrated in Chinese culture. It symbolizes family reunion & togetherness. Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with Mooncake from Lim Khukki available in 6 variants Lotus + Salted Egg Yolk, Red Bean, Green Tea, Black Sesame, Durian, and Five Nuts.

Baked to perfection for you, your family, friends, and business colleagues. For inquiries and orders, please contact WhatsApp (+62) 818-0299-5236

Phone: (+62) 818-0299-5236
Instagram: @limkhukki

Foek Lam

Photo credit by Instagram @foeklam

Foek Lam is making mooncakes for this Mid-Autumn Festival 2022. Made from the finest ingredients, they present these mooncakes in a classic yet chic box. Don’t miss it since they only have limited stock!

Instagram: @foeklam


Photo credit by Instagram @krumble.jkt

Krumble presents mooncake hampers 2022 with a themed of Chang-E Set which means the Chinese Moon Goddess with a price of IDR 598,000. Special price for min/ order of 5 boxes. Delivery starts on 27 august 2022. For order inquiries WA: +62812 8133 500

Phone: +62812 8133 500
Instagram: @krumble.jkt


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Celebrate the Mid Autumn festival with ESTIME’s premium mooncakes. There are 2 types of packaging such as Crescent with 6 big mooncakes (100GR++) and Lunar with 8 small mooncakes (50 GR ++). All the mooncakes are made by order and it’s halal.

Phone: +62812927000050, +6281959220988

Vara Bakery

Photo credit by Instagram @varabake

Vara Bakery’s snowy mooncake is simply awesome. It will take your breath away with its taste. Wishing that these snowy mooncakes make all your dreams come true, sweeter and better than ever. Their products are specially curated and handmade in small batches.

Phone: +62 812-8400-0388
Instagram: @varabake


Photo credit by Instagram @maeve.bybe

Consequently, through the art of gifting, this could be the perfect opportunity to bring remembrance and the utmost support to your special ones, especially in times like this, when they needed you the most.

Phone: +6281510231318, +6281223332327
Instagram: @maeve.bybe

Jade Hampers and Cakes

Photo credit by Instagram @jadehampers_id

Jade Hampers and Cakes presents a very exquisite mooncake that comes in both Cantonese Style and Snow Skin Mooncakes. The flavors are Lotus, Lotus + yolk, Pandan Lotus, Red Bean, Earl Grey, Belgian Chocolate, Peach Custard, and Matcha.

Phone: +62 882-8949-7207
Instagram: @jadehampers_id

Tale of Joelene

Photo credit by Instagram @taleofjoelene

Mid-Autumn Festival is all about gratitude and togetherness with your loved ones. Tale of Joelene’s Mooncake Hampers are available in 3 different packages. Brighten up your mid-autumn festival with our hampers

Phone: +62 895 3230 41236
Instagram: @taleofjoelene


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If you want something unique and different. Wibee is back with their special Mooncake Pudding this Mid-Autumn Season. Available in 4 flavors like Mango with vanilla filling, Oreo with chocolate & oreo filling, Chocolate with mango filling, Pandan with nata de coco filling. Now available in a box of 2 or 4! FREE greeting card and 80 ml of vanilla vla

Phone: +6285158388989

Pia & Pia

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If you’re craving some good old traditional baked mooncakes, Pia & Pia is the real deal! This year they have the classic Lotus, Black Sesame, Red Bean, and Pandan made with premium ingredients.

Phone: +62895-3262-15022


Photo credit by Instagram @oishii_japanesebake

Welcoming the Mid-Autumn Festival. Share the happiness to your loved ones with Mooncake Hampers from Oishii. Flavors include Lotus Sunflower Seeds, Lychee & Almond Rose, Coconut Green Bean, Green Tea & Red Bean, Tropical Durian, and Taro & Sesame Seeds.

Phone: +6281918562689
Instagram: @oishii_japanesebake


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Celebrate this year’s Mid Autumn Festival with the Secretdeli mooncakes. Don’t forget to prepare this precious gift to express love and best wishes for your family, relatives, and loved ones.

For reservations call at 081287470341

Phone: +6281287470341

Miss Ogura

Photo credit by Instagram @missogura

See how beautiful and attractive the mooncakes from Miss Ogura are. There are 10 kinds of variants that are certainly delicious, healthy, and low in calories. Another unique creation is Moonstar, which is a premium nastar (pineapple tart) in the form of a mooncake that is beautiful, healthy, and low in calories.

Phone: +6282277637763
Instagram: @missogura

Lao Yoo

Photo credit by Instagram @laoyooid

Enjoy the soft texture and the generous filling of the mooncake from Lao Yoo. A classic moon cake that anyone will adore. Whether you opt for extra egg yolk or just crave a full filling without the egg yolk, everything can be customized as desired.

Phone: +628118988102
Instagram: @laoyooid


Photo credit by Instagram @holybakes.ind

Holybakes’ homemade mooncake is made to impress, and it starts right from its delicate aroma and generous filling. Their mooncake is a must-try made from high-quality ingredients and classic flavors.

Phone: +6281322527180
Instagram: @holybakes.ind