5. Kabanjahe

To experience the traditional Batak Karo villages, head to Kabanjahe, not far on the south of Brastagi. It is a point where you can branch out and explore some of the most popular traditional Batak villages such as the village of Lingga where you can see the characteristic Batak Horned roof houses, and also the charming little village of Dokan, 16 km south.

6. Sipiso-piso Waterfall

This impressive natural wonder is located at the northern end of Danau Toba, 24 km from Kabanjahe and about 300 meters from the main road and surrounded by land scattered with pine trees. With a height of 120 meters, Sipiso-piso is considered as one of the tallest waterfalls in Indonesia.

7. Mount Sibayak

Accessible from Brastagi, Mount Sibayak has been considered as the most accessible volcano in Indonesia, with the height of 2094m. It is best to avoid Sundays when day-trippers from Medan would clog the walkways. There are several ways to climb, depending on energy levels. The easiest is to take the track from northwest of Brastagi, and from there it is a 7 km hike to the top. You can also take the longer options through the jungle from Panorama Waterfall, 5 km off Brastagi, which would take roughly 5 hours.

8. Mount Sinabung

For a more breathtaking view from the top, you can go a little bit further and aim for Gunung Sinabung that rises more than 2400 meters above sea levels, accessible from the village of Sigarang-garang, 30 minutes away from Kabanjahe. Although Sinabung is off-limits due to its eruption 2018, forcing nearby villagers to evacuate and not available as a tourist attraction.

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