Indonesia is a country with rich traditions. A calendar year of the country is filled with multiple celebrations and festivals. The people belonging to different beliefs, traditions, ethnicities, and languages visit the country to attend the events. Below is the list of the most festival popular in Indonesia:

Pasola, Sumba

The Indonesian cultural festivals are a treat to watch for everyone. Pasola is a significant and popular event for local and foreign people. The different tribes some together and enjoy war games which represents the ancient history of the region. The people participating in the games wear ikat clothing and fight with the opponents on horseback. The warriors throw spears across one another and enjoy a friendly battle. The galloping of the horses represents the power and pride of the ancient culture. The visitors are fascinated with this unique and amazing cultural event. It represents the traditions of the country which have changed with time.

Students can visit the festival with a group of friends and enjoy the amazing experience. Such cultural events and festivals are memorable for youngsters. Many organizations offer discounts to students in exchange for volunteer work. Exploring new regions will give the student more in-depth information about the different cultures and traditions prevalent in the world. If you desire to visit Indonesia to attend all the festivals, you can look for college papers for sale online. It will save you time and allow you to submit your assignments with good quality before the deadline. A professional writer will ensure that you get good grades in college coursework. Moreover, customer service personnel will be available 24/7 for your assistance. If you are unsatisfied with the assignment, you can always ask the writer to do free unlimited revisions for you.

Lake Toba Festival, North Sumatra

The Lake Toba Festival is held once a year in September. It features competitions of sports, crafts, exhibitions, and music. Besides a tourism seminar is also conducted to give the visitors an awareness about the traditions of the country. It is a highly popular festival in Indonesia. The visitors can also enjoy Puak Colossal dance, Folk Swimming, Dragon Boat, Running competition, Toba Beauty Pageant, Lake Toba Caldera Geopark, and many other events. The festival attracts the public as it also includes art performances and dances of the participants that are coming from Toba Samosir, Karo, Dairi, Sibolga, Padang Lawas, Batubara, and other regions.

Djakarta Warehouse Project, Jakarta

The Djakarta Warehouse Project Indonesian festival attracts many visitors. It is an eye-catching and electrifying music festival which is held every year in December. The event is highly popular among foreigners as it is one of the largest musical dancing events in the world. A total of 75,000 people are invited to attend the festival from different regions. The heavy beats and bright lights are a delight for the viewers.

Ubud Readers and Writers Festival, Bali

The writing events in Indonesia are most popular among audiences all over the world. The Ubud Readers and Writers Festival is a literary and cultural event which highlights the diverse opinion of intellectuals. Cross-cultural dialogue is conducted between all the participants. It promotes freedom of expression and feelings of harmony. The political activists, advocates, journalists, poets, human rights activists, comedy icons, and beauty queens share their opinion on the different issues present in society. Events like these bring people from different areas and sectors closer. It is purely a literature event where people give their insights on a diverse range of topics. The festival combines the revelatory and transformative power of arts and literature. Such events are important for highlighting the cultural identity and collective wisdom of Indonesia. The people from different cultures, ethnicities, and religions are united together on a single platform. A common level of understanding is developed among all the participants by the end of the event. The Ubud Readers and Writers Festival promotes creativity and commonality among different societies of the world.

Dieng Culture Festival

Mark the calendar 2020 Indonesia with holidays so that you do not miss Dieng Cultural Festival. It is an amazing festival that allows people to explore the beauty and elegance of Dieng Plateau. The festival features culture, art, traditional dance, art exhibitions, fireworks, and puppet shows. The Dieng plateau attracts many visitors from different parts of the world and offers the viewers a glimpse of the ancient superstitions and traditions. For students who are looking for assignment help on topics related to top festivals, a viable option is to avail write my research paper for me cheap services. It will allow you to enjoy the different events while a professional writer takes care of all the assignments. Besides, you will submit all of your essay tasks on time.

Jakarta Fashion Week

Jakarta Fashion Week is one of the biggest fashion events held in Southeast Asia every year. The designers from all over the world participate in the event and show their work. The models, stylish photographers, and buyers watch the event with excitement and explore the latest trends in fashion. The best work of the participants is celebrated and appreciated.  The trunk show, catwalks, demonstrations, and presentations are conducted to showcase the best work. In the end, the Designers also walk on the ramp and receive the appreciation and applause of the audiences. It is a fascinating event for everyone, whether you are a fashion lover or not.

Java Jazz, Jakarta

The Java Jazz is one of the most amazing musical events which is conducted each year in Indonesia. Contemporary jazz music is enjoyable and treats to listen to all the participants. The event attracts more than a million audiences from around the world. The event is increasing in its stature and size. The top artists of the Indonesian industry display their best performances which are appreciated by the audiences.  Artists like Toni Braxton, Brian McKnight, Giles Peterson, Chaka Khan, Joss Stone, and Stevie Wonder performed with great success in the previous events. The last year’s Java Jazz recorded a total of 114,000 visitors. The entertaining performance of Sting and David Foster grabbed the attention of viewers. The different renowned events in Indonesia are so beautiful and amazing that anyone can write an essay on it. Exploring multiple festivals gives you insights into the dimensions of society. Students need to read about Indonesian events online.

Above is the list of top Indonesian festivals which is a must to visit for every student. It will broaden your vision of the world. You will get to know about different cultures and traditions. Furthermore, you will improve your communication level.