Social trends are changing around the world and Indonesia is no exception. Virtual technology was already advancing at an exciting pace, but now it strives to redefine communication and entertainment in fascinating ways. This last consumer demand is the driving force behind innovations increasingly appearing on the scene. Indonesia enjoys its fair share of online luxuries, from events to video games and streaming services. All of these contribute to the country’s developing tech market, as well as the amusement of its citizens and visitors.

Online Society

Video conferencing software such as Skype and Zoom are setting new standards for the benefit of individuals, groups and businesses alike. As the digital industry took things further with forms of entertainment, including virtual tours of museums and popular tourist destinations, interactive capabilities opened doors to other activities. Seminars and festivals are events virtual technology can now deliver through the monitors of attendees. The demands of delivering a smooth online training course, for example, can be complicated, but navigating and mastering them are just a matter of practice. Opportunities will abound considering how effective some of these events have been so far. Entertainment like the Indonesia Online Festival is sure to become a new norm.

Gaming Industry

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There are contradictions in Indonesia’s video game landscape. On the one hand, its overall market value is quite healthy, reaching $879.7 million in 2017. But only 0.4% of titles were invented by local studios. This is a pattern the country’s industry aims to change. Oolean is the most recent bold initiative, which entailed a collaboration between Telkom, among other telecommunication companies, and Agate, a game developer based in Bandung. The platform’s main purpose is to deliver a range of titles, like Onet Asli and Meong Mart, ideally designed by Indonesian creators. To this end, Oolean’s features also include programming tools and opportunities like the Indigo Game Startup Incubation. This called for local talents to contribute their projects and, if selected, to build them up further for large-scale release with the help of field experts and over $8,000. Indonesia is serious about its intentions to boost its status as a gaming powerhouse.

Given how impressive video games can be today, whether, on a tabletop or mobile devices, Indonesia’s love for the sector is only natural. Due to efforts like those mentioned above, its developers have produced titles that more than satisfy public demand. At the same time, other forms of entertainment are also on the rise with the online casino industry being a major example of this as there are now comparison sites to make betting online easier to navigate and enjoy due to the sheer amount of competition in this area. Players in Indonesia can find dozens of well-vetted virtual casinos with gambling services and bonuses for different tastes and these sites do the hard work as they provide reviews for the sites. The online casino industry’s expertise in web design, immersion and cross-platform compatibility, in addition to entertainment, is of interest to the local companies, which, once again, want to invent such products of their own.

Extra Important Fields

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The domestic development of AI technology is just as important. Almost every industrial power in the world is in the race for supremacy in artificial intelligence, but there are high hopes for Indonesia. Its tech-literate population and the government’s investment in funds and opportunities are a strong combination. One start-up after another is getting the green light to pursue their plans for AI solutions in areas like voice recognition, customer support, automation, healthcare, and agriculture. Software already on the market is improving lifestyles and work environments, from making quick purchase to managing a bank account.

The final two sectors thriving in Indonesia have already been touched upon: fintech and e-commerce. As key aspects of the virtual ecosystem, they are priorities on a global scale, but this country seems to be doing especially well. Like with AI start-ups, businesses specializing in fintech are prized, so actively encouraged to contribute. The convenience and growing efficiency of shopping online is also bringing plenty of revenue in for Shopee, Lazada, and other popular retailers. So technology that enhances the e-commerce experience is another focus for developers.

Digital event planning is in its infancy, while gaming entertainment flourishes for designers and consumers. Framing these exciting shifts in Indonesia’s tech industry are bigger, more influential triumphs in the form of AI, e-commerce and fintech. The country’s virtual market may seem a work in progress compared to rivals, but its progress and positivity so far paint a promising picture of the present and future.