Students are often known as foodies. They spend a chunk of their pocket money trying delicious new dishes. They like exploring new menus in cafes to devour delicious, tasty treats. Students prefer restaurants with an excellent ambiance to relax and enjoy their food.

Kilo Bali offers you a delicious breakfast in a glasshouse.

Want to escape from the everyday stress of your life and have a good meal? Well look no further, Kilo Bali is the place for you. The restaurant is an open-air glasshouse which allows you to enjoy your breakfast with the beauty of light and fresh air around you.

The interior of the glasshouse is spot on! You can take a bunch of photographs with your close friends and post your food diaries on your social media. They offer the best breakfast in Bali. It is the best way to kick start your day. It is delicious, refreshing, and you get to appreciate the place too!

The variety of food items on their menu will make you drool for sure. Not only are they famous for early morning food, but their lunch is fantastic too!

So if you’re not a breakfast person, you can drop by for lunch and try yummy platters, if it’s not duck tacos, then duck platters will fill your tummy in no time.

Botanical chandeliers and pools while having breakfast – The Slow

The pressure of assignments is causing a delay in your trip to Indonesia? No need to worry. If you’re a student who appreciates the greenery and the beauty of nature, The Slow is just the place for you! Or let’s say you want to enjoy fresh juices by the poolside with a light breakfast? Well, The Slow will give you that too!

They are one of the unique Indonesian restaurants. The Slow does not focus on introducing new items and trendy dishes. They like to keep it simple and old school. By old school we don’t mean to say that their dishes lack taste, we are saying that they offer nutritious food. Be it vegetables, grilled meat, or a bowl of grains. They can make it taste like heaven!

You must try their power-packed nutritious bowl of porridge. It contains grains like rice combined with milk and freshness of apples and mint, served with their freshly baked banana bread. Just thinking about the freshly baked bread and its delicious smell makes my mouth water. If vising Indonesia is next on your bucket list and your preoccupation with academic activities is an obstacle, consult a reliable essay writing service.

Exotic jungle views and breakfast on beanbags, sounds interesting! – Yellow Flower Cafe

Let’s just say that finding the best breakfast in the Indonesian region can be a bit of a challenge. Especially when talking about the Yellow Flower Café. Just like its name suggests, your experience here will be rare and as beautiful as a yellow flower. You will forget all the troubles of finding the location once you take a bite of their food.

Although the tables are limited, the menu isn’t. Their menu will provide you with fantastic breakfast options. You can try their smashed avocado with silky smooth cheese melting in your mouth. Don’t wanna have a cheesy breakfast? Don’t worry and make your way to a delicious fruit platter with the goodness of pomegranate, bananas, and dry fruits!

You can also treat yourself with a chocolate smoothie if you like, I know I would!

Bali’s coffee saviour for coffee fans– Nebula Petitenget

Students mostly start their day with a nice smelling cup of coffee from restaurants in Bali. It helps them escape the comfort of sleep and start hustling through the day. Different students, different times of classes, hence different time of waking up. Who will solve this problem? Nebula Petitenget, of course!

They offer an all-day-long breakfast service. Isn’t it awesome? They offer great coffee with cute patterns on top of your warm cup of coffee. It makes me feel special looking at my cup of coffee arriving with cute patterns.

Apart from coffee, they offer sweet fluffy pancakes with a drizzle of maple syrup and a handful of berries. An English muffin with an egg benedict sounds good to me too! And so easy on the pocket! Just around $4-$5 for such a delicious breakfast.

Are you planning on staying in Indonesia by taking a transfer and are looking for a job? Then this is a comfortable place where you can work on your resume to find jobs in Indonesia. You can seek the help of a resume writing service to find jobs for you in Indonesia while you sip your coffee.

Relaxing in Lazy Cats Café and completing your homework, study time or chill time?

Lazy Sunday mornings call for a lazy Cats Café breakfast in Bali. After having their breakfast, you won’t feel like you’re broke now that you’ve had a good breakfast. A well-constructed café with a good breakfast allows you to work on your college essays too!

Enjoy the view sitting on the comfortable couch as you enter the restaurant. Open your laptop and start your work. Students are often lazy on weekends, and completing essays can be a pain. You can get your essays checked by a good college essay writing service as you enjoy your breakfast. You can also provide them with the details of your assignment and hire a writer. Easy ways to manage work on lazy mornings with great breakfast, wow!

They serve food as art on a plate—beautiful variations on delicious breakfast. Fruit or veggie bowl, it looks incredible. Every piece of fruit looks impressive. Try their hummus and carrot soup. You will surely crave it soon!

This anti-ageing nutritious food is trending in Bali – Acai Queen

The mere idea of anti-aging food is enough to attract women to this restaurant. Their food is a celebration of youth in a way. The food has many health benefits, and the setting is tropical. The nutritious berries make your skin glow and immunity strong!

Oatmeal and sandwiches will help you lose excess weight. Fresh fruit platters and eggs with corn and avocado are light to digest and speed your metabolism while giving the energy to go ahead with the day. The food is a treat for you and your body!

Are you feeling hungry?

Now that we have enhanced your knowledge of Indonesian restaurants, you don’t have to waste your time. It’s time to satisfy your early morning cravings and send food snaps to your friends! Rush to the one that attracts you the most for a yummy breakfast!