The Nintendo Wii is one of the best and most entertaining gaming consoles in years. One of the main ones is the vast number of games available. There are many different genres imaginable, but for now, we are focusing on the driving simulator, which is the preferred game for car lovers. These are the top 6 Wii ISOS of the genre developed so far for the Nintendo Wii.

  1. DiRT 2

DiRT 2 is one of the best games made, independent of the console system, and one of the best driving simulation games you can play on the Nintendo Wii. The game’s full name tells you a lot about what to expect from the Colin McRae (DiRT 2) game.

With the official rally simulator, you can drive an accurate car model at the rally championship. You can also race on the natural world rally championship track. The game’s primary purpose is to collect XP and money to buy new cars and advance into more difficult championships.

  • Mario Kart Wii

Mario Kart has been the most beloved game since it first appeared on the Super NES in 1992. The ninth best-selling game of all time, with all genres and consoles combined. The Wii version was released in 2008 and sold more than 37 million copies for the first time in a few years.

It is also one of the most downloaded Nintendo Wii ISOs on the web. You will have to select a Mario franchise character, select a track, and compete with your computer and friends in the game. You can use 32 different race tracks, so the game doesn’t overlap too much, and you can play a lot of time.

  • Need for Speed ​​(Undercover)

Need for Speed: Undercover is one of the best virtual street racing simulators available on the Nintendo Wii. Best of all, it comes with detailed graphics, great rides to choose from, and an open map. You can play with Chase Linh, a police officer who infiltrated the racing syndicate to collect enough evidence to catch the bad guys or just choose to sprint the map.

If you’ve played Need for Speed ​​series games before, you already know what to expect: unrealistic fast racing! If you’re a Forza fan, this game isn’t for you, but if you like racing and enjoy being chased by the police and getting everyone in sight, then this game is for sure.

  • Cars Mater (National)

This game is perfect for anyone trying to play movie-based games. It’s inspired by Pixar’s blockbuster movie Cars, so if you like movies, you’ll love games too. It was released in 2007 and soon became a popular game that you can play if you want fun that doesn’t even focus on the realistic aspects of mode and racing. A good gift idea in the first racing game for kids. You should start young!

  • Driver (San Francisco)

If you like good movies and games with good storytelling, then Driver: San Francisco is great. The story is probably one of the best things I’ve ever experienced on a Wii console. The game plays as John Tanner, a police officer chasing a mafia boss.

He woke up from a coma after a car accident. However, he soon realized that he could shift his mind to another driver in the city and drive instead. This game offers 60fps. This gives the console a desirable and great control and very interactive gameplay. The intuitive operation of the car and the multiplayer mode are essential.

  • Need for Speed ​​Carbon

Last on the list is Need for Speed ​​Carbon; this game made the BMW M3, if not yet, one of the most desirable cars in the world. During the game, you can defeat all the main bosses in the city and beat the one who stole your beloved M3. You start the cheap car game and compete to earn cash, buy new cars, and tune them to perfection.

All major competition races take place in the Canyon. If it’s too fast to get into the curve, you’re going down the mountain. This is a significant improvement compared to other Need for Speed ​​games where you can put the accelerator pedal on the floor and wait for the finish line. Of course, the level of customization of the vehicles available is only for the Need for Speed ​​franchise.