Whenever students from developing countries want to study abroad to further their education, countries that are high on their list include the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and even New Zealand. Indonesia is not a country that first comes to mind, but after further research, they discover that it is a country that has some of the best universities in the world for foreign students. Applying for a visa is easier compared to some developed countries mentioned above because they have strict visa requirements which many students fail to meet.

Speaking on the growing reputation Indonesia is having for providing top-quality education, a professional essay writer Joan Young from AdvancedWriters said “Indonesia universities are very welcoming to foreign students and offer a large variety of Ph.D., Master’s and Bachelor’s degree programs to suit everyone”.  There is a famous expression that says “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and the success Indonesia is seeing in terms of their education didn’t come overnight. 

They had to make some significant changes to ensure that when students from other countries wish to study abroad, they should have Indonesia on their list. The Indonesian government deserves a lot of credit for how it managed to transform the education system to make it on par with some of the world’s elite. This article provided by essay writing experts will look at the top 5 universities in Indonesia for foreign students.

University of Indonesia

The University of Indonesia is regarded as one of the best the country has to offer when it comes to top-quality education. Located in Jakarta enjoy is the capital city of Indonesia, it has a lovely campus that is diverse, offers a large variety of disciplines, and has a modern feel to it. Over 400,000 alumni have been produced at this university, many of which have forged successful careers for themselves. 

It is one of the oldest universities in Asia, with its embryo doing as far back as 1849. Facilities on campus include sports facilities, activity centers, dorms, libraries, campus bikes, a campus bus, health centers, and more. It has both international and local accreditations, which give it worldwide recognition as one of the best places to study in Asia. Any student who is curious about Indonesian culture and wants to do a Master’s degree should look no further than this incredible institution. It has everything an international student needs and more. 

Bandung Institute of Technology 

Known by many people as ITB for short, this university is one of the most prestigious in Indonesia together with the one mentioned above. It is located in Bandung, its main campus welcomes international students from across the world with open arms. Any student looking to further their education in the field of technology will receive high-quality learning at this university while exploring the beautiful city at the same time. It also offers a large variety of programs and graduates from this university easily find a job in any part of the world once they complete their course. 

University of Gadjah Mada 

Founded way back in 1949, the University of Gadjah Mada also known as UGM for short is up there with some of the oldest universities not just in Indonesia but the world. It has extremely high standards and has been providing top-quality education to Indonesians and foreign students for many years. 

Longevity in the education sector is all down to consistency and providing students with the best education possible, and that’s what this university has done. This is why they’ve been around for as long as they have, while many others go out of business. Students can study a whole host of degrees at this university and have an admission rate of between 0 – 10%. It is a very selective university and only the best of the best are enrolled to study there, and that is why it has a huge reputation for academic excellence. On top of the universities mentioned above, this is also one of the most selected for foreign students. 

Institut Pertanian Bogor (Bogor  Agricultural University) 

Located in Bogor near the capital city Jakarta, Institut Pertanian Bogor known by many people as IPB for short is also highly regarded as one of the top universities in Indonesia. Based on the name it is clear to see that it focuses on Agriculture, a field which is responsible for feeding many nations across the world and was formed way back in 1963. This university just like the rest on this list has a wonderful reputation when it comes to academic excellence especially in fields like Bioenergy, Food Security, and Bioscience. It has a very diverse campus consisting of students from all corners of the globe.

University of Airlangga 

Last on the list is the University of Airlangga which is found in the second-largest city in Indonesia called Surabaya. This university was formed in 1954 and has some of the best tutors in the country and the learning system is top-notch. Plenty of students that have graduated from this university have gone on to have successful business careers. 

The motto of this educational institution is “Excellence work morality” which appeals to many international students who know they will have a great career once they complete their course there. Not only is this university ranked amongst the best in Indonesia, but it is also ranked amongst the world’s best. 

Gone are the days when Indonesia used to be known simply as a tourist destination for people who just wanted a break from work and school. Now it is also known for academic excellence because it has some of the best universities not just in Asia but the world. To reach the heights they have today, they had to overhaul their educational system to make it more appealing to international students. Their universities now have a great reputation and continue growing from strength to strength each year. If they carry on this path they’re on now, Indonesian universities will be a form to reckon with in the next 10 years.