AVIP, formerly known as AVIP Interiors, welcomes its newly appointed CEO, Tim Spanjaart. AVIP strives to continue to provide office design and build experience, focussing on contemporary design, sustainable builds, and the latest technology for better workspace functionality.

Tim started in the operational side of AVIP, as the COO, in October 2019; overseeing projects and company finances, before eventually stepping up as the CEO. He is optimistic about his ability to elevate and lead the company to the next level as he succeeds his late father, Frans Spanjaart who was the founder and former CEO of AVIP.

“My focus as CEO will be on providing leadership for our amazing team, maintaining motivation and engagement, and ensuring AVIP keeps innovating, remaining a key player in the interior design and build a business,” Tim enthused.

AVIP primarily focuses on commercial office fit-outs. However, with the current government restrictions affecting most offices, AVIP is determined to transform parts of existing offices to be more inviting and exciting for all demographics, allowing them to return to work at the office when the time comes.

For the time being, AVIP is approaching innovative developments. The company is seeking to explore and expand into other business segments besides commercial office spaces. Aside from that, the company is looking forward to establishing partnerships with other design and/or project management firms. The company’s available office space is also being considered for adaptation to a fully utilized co-working space in the future.

Tim studied IT in the Netherlands, then decided to join AVIP almost nine years ago. Along his journey, he has worked in quality assurance and the production side of the business, among other aspects of the company. In 2016, Tim took charge at the new production facility in Tangerang.

“AVIP has been in Indonesia for well over 25 years, and we have a proven track record of many transformed interiors. People spend most of their lives in a working environment and to be able to have an impact on that is what drives us at AVIP. We strive to deliver an interior fit-out that’s perfectly in line with the needs and wishes of our clients, which stimulates the performance of their employees. We always aim to deliver the highest quality possible with the available budget of our clients,” he explained.

Tim spends most of his day juggling work and spending quality time with his family at home or traveling around Indonesia. As an advocate of looking after personal wellbeing, Tim regularly exercises by jogging every morning, squeezing in gym sessions three times a week, cycling on the weekends, indulging in books, and continuing to learn by attending courses.

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