The essence of fasting in the month of Ramadan is not only fasting to eat and drink but also fasting from all the temptations that come. Doing more practices during this holy month is also highly recommended because the value of goodness will be tens of times compared to other months.

Therefore, take advantage of the month of Ramadan to undergo fasting properly and correctly, coupled with other practices to increase the good you do both for yourself and for others. You can do these things during the month of fasting so that your worship runs smoothly.

Implement a healthy diet for sahur and iftar

Eating healthy and nutrient-rich foods is the key to keeping you energized and fresh while fasting. During sahur you are recommended to eat foods with a low glycemic index, high in protein, and fiber so you don’t get hungry easily. Meanwhile, when breaking the fast, it is recommended to eat foods with a high glycemic index to increase blood sugar levels. Don’t forget to drink at least two liters of water between iftar and suhoor.

Stay active

Saving energy so as not to be thirsty while fasting is not an excuse to be lazy to move. In fact, sedentary behavior such as sleeping and sitting too much can reduce body fitness and potentially make a person suffer from obesity. Therefore, stay active while fasting. For example, light exercise about 2 hours before breaking the fast.

Utilizing technology to facilitate worship

One form of digital technology is a Muslim lifestyle application on a smartphone that can make it easier for you to carry out worship, including during the month of Ramadan. For example the Muslim Pro application, a lifestyle application for Muslims that is leading around the world. For daily use, you can use the Muslim Pro application to increase faith with features such as accurate five daily obligatory prayer times accompanied by the call to prayer, Qibla direction tracker, and prayers that can be read to accompany various activities.

In the month of Ramadan, there are additional accurate imsak and iftar notification features that you can use as a reminder. In addition, there is a personal tracker feature that helps ensure you have performed the obligatory prayers. You can also access various interesting and useful content related to the Muslim lifestyle, either in the form of articles, infographics, or videos.

Set aside funds for alms and zakat

Giving alms to those in need does not have to be in large amounts because the small acts of kindness that many people do will turn into big ones. You can set aside 5-10 thousand rupiah per day for alms; It doesn’t matter if you want to collect a large amount first or donate it directly every day. At the end of the month of Ramadan, don’t forget to pay zakat fitrah. Currently, there are many zakat calculators available online which can be accessed at any time in your hand.

Fill the day with useful activities

In this month of Ramadan, you can start reducing activities that are less useful and divert your energy to do various practices. If during your break you often open social media and read gossip accounts, now it can be replaced by reading the Qur’an. Make plans and targets for reading the Qur’an throughout the month of Ramadan.